Parachuting a tank with the crew inside?

I did a tour with the 82nd at Ft Bragg and we laapsed M551 Sheridan’s Out the back of C130s, in the 1981, thank God without the crew. They were rubbish vehicles and normally broke after the event.
551's normally broke standing still.


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Yep, and I was in the back of a Bedford MK with 29 other guys who had a driver that could claim the same.
I was airborne in a Transit van at Barry Buddon many moons ago when it fell off the road to Monifeith. It was a bit like what I imagine free-fall is like until I smashed my back against the roof. Twice.

A subconsciously muttered 'who's doing all that groaning' resolved itself shortly afterwards when I realised it was me.
It's just a stretched BMP chassis with lightweight turret on it.....
NB. don't search BMP unless you qualify.
That’s true, apparently in Vietnam the crews preferred sitting on the outside!
Nothing like testing a multi-use missile/ammo barrelled tank designed for West Germany than South Vietnam.
IIRC we(the brits) did some trials(mid to late 60's) with sliding various wheeled AFV's on some sledge type things out of the back of a Hercules as it was still flying but dragging it's arse on the ground, the end game was these vehicles would be crewed. Some of the trials involved Ferrets with crash test dummies in them, the injuries were so bad the idea was shelved.
And what's more, each tank is full of 7 feet tall Soviet, errm, Russian Supermen. So we should all be very afraid. Uncle Vlad says so. Oh, and none of them bat for the other side, 'cos there's none of that in the Rodina. Nosireebob.

In other news, the burning question of the hour is, "Why isn't Maalox on meds?"
if you look at the position of the gun and the hull/drivers hatch you'll notice that when the gun is stabilised facing straight forwards it'll be constantly bouncing of its lower limit switches with very little up and down hull motion which is not good for the stabilisation system or elevation gearbox - very strange layout as to get the best from the turret you really need the driver to be in a slightly nose down position! the accuracy of the weapon system looks pretty pish as due to light nature of the vehicle and huge recoil the gunner effectively needs to re lay back onto the target every time - never mind the momentary loss of the sight picture for gunner/cmdr! this is a very poor mans tank which wouldnt last 2 secs against a proper tank or MILAN type system.

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