Parachute specialist engineer interest

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by steve_14, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. Hi, basically i am thinkin about joining the RE and becoming a Parachute specialist engineer can someoen give me advice on good sort of training to do for this?

    much appreciated..
  2. Jumping off chairs with a toolbox?
  3. Quality! :D
  4. :D
  5. cutting big holes into all your brand new clothing.
  6. Practice being more ally than the whole of Para Reg.
  7. Just sit down in a crowded place urinate up in the air and catch it in your own mouth if you can do that you are basically in.
  8. Or play freckles by yourself!
  9. ok im new to this so can someone explain what you ppl have against the paras???
  10. Nothing, just normal banter! I get called a fat planty or a cone head cnut, Knocker gets called a tight Scottish fatherless, geo techs are geeks, fieldies are wedgeheads who are only any use when used as packing under a bridge etc etc. You will pick it up as you go along.
  11. Nothing at all fellah, its called banter.
  12. oh fair enuf well sorry bwt that lol i thought u had summit against them.
    but yeh im reli interested in joinin and i reli wanna challenge
  13. Try a foreign language, English would be a good start :D
  15. sorry,im on the phone and its so much easier to type short hand. so what do you lot do in the army if you dont mind me asking??