parachute silk tops

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by frenchjedi, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. Hi ladies and gents,

    Quick question, hoping that someone has some info.
    has anyone had one of the parachute silk (zute) tops. I used to have one and can remember picking it up from regi shop, but am looking for a new one, tried silvermans but would have to sell kidney to get one.

    Any help?

  2. Frenchjedi,

    PM inbound!!

  3. Arktis do a version, normally goes for about £25 buy it now on ebay but this feller:


    puts them on as an auction. He's a very nice man and no it ain't me.

    Packs down to the size of a fag-packet and they do really make a difference - I positively pooh-poohed the concept until I actually borrowed one off a mate on FTX. Bought one as soon as I got home. Permenant feature in me webbing now.

    Anyone compared the two materials - is it really worth trying to get a silk one?
  4. Bought some para-'silk' of ebay (it never was silk from the small amount of research I did) and got Mrs OC to make me one. BRILLIANT bit of kit for training runs, cycling and a very lightweight but off duty windproof top/ mid layer on exercise :D

    Edited to add. whole thing cost me about a fiver plus a few cups of tea in bed in the morning!
  5. What, a real silk parachute top made from a real silk parachute?
    I should coco!
  6. Well you live and learn :oops:
    I've just been trying to work out how much a parachute made out of real silkworms bum juice would cost....
  7. Not useful info I’m afraid, but real silk parachute?
    I thought the only real silk parachutes were the X type.
    Still have my zute top for some 44 yrs, and it still fits. 8O
    Colour; khaki.
    Does anyone know if they are still made from the old X type?
  8. linky Google is a wonderful thing ;) 8)
  9. ahhhhh silly me paradata of course, its the age see? Nylon of course.
    Thanks anyway.

  10. My bold - well calendered nylon actually, where the material is pressed between two bfo heated rollers which influences the porosity of it, thus making it ideal for the suit. :D
    X-type....... what a fcuking animal that was. No loss to society when that was phased out.
  11. Silks tends to cling to itself - as in stick together!
  12. Weren't the original silk chutes prone to static, causing the dreaded streamer,or Roman candle as it was originally called.Especially the seat pack worn by fighter pilots?
  13. Survival aids used to sell silk skiddies . ment to keep fleas and body lice away.
  14. cheers all for the links much appreciated