Parachute Signal Squadron (216) trade roles

E-Layer said:
Airborne?.............airborne? lot want to get some fcuking tillers under your palms :wink:
Yep, there is something manly about driving a 43. Try throwing one of those out the back of a herc. :p
Wire_under_fire said:
richie216 said:
The pure 216 Para Sigs echoes was lost with the 12 Mech Bde formation.
I think those echoes that richie is talking about should really read ethos and if you look at who the current head shed is at 216, you'll see that 90% of Sgts and above are all ex 5AB 216, so the 216 Para Sigs echoes are alive and kicking.

Well seeing that 5 AB was only dispanded in 99/00 I would have thought so.Was there any real logic in it changing to 16 AA and moving to Colly.?There was alot of opposition of it at the time.
strings said:
Quote true Discovery..but they will never know will they..Yes Jack it is I mate, and by the way who are you? :D
I was on the German jumps course with you, you'll have to work it out!! So was Discovery 001.
Good god Jack that is going back some mate..I'll have to get the photo out and try to put a face to the name..I do so hate quizes:)

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