Parachute Signal Squadron (216) trade roles

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by eul0gy, May 16, 2007.

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  1. hey

    Is it just operator trades at 216 or other roles there too?
  2. I think they like people who can spell the name of the Unit right mate!!

    CG - skulking back to the Int Corps Forum!
  3. And there was I thinking 216 Squadron were solely responsible for operating the bane of the Army's life:


    Bunch of charlatans the lot of them: Linkage
  4. meh how i am i supposed to know its wrong when i got it from the army signals webpage
  5. 216 Parachute Signal Sqn is the correct title, HRH Anne formally gave it back of the tour of Afgan
  6. She'll take it back out of spite now her nephews been told to stay put!!
  7. 216 has all trades in it. Some of them fly and some of them don't. It's just like a normal Signals Squadron but they don't wear crap hats.
  8. 216 Para Sig Sqn will never be the same for starters it is now where near the home of Airbourne forces Aldershot. It was moved to Colchester to be given to them Airmobile fat loosers. The pure 216 Para Sigs echoes was lost with the 12 Mech Bde formation. One minute Airbourne Sqn next minute 2000 tour Bosnia then Mech rubbish in the hangars and Arnhem lines the picture of it's former self. Best 3 years of my Army Carear was with 216 Para Sig Sqn 5 AB Bde. Worst thing the Corp did send it North to those Airmobile idiots and leave the Airbourne Sqn in the shot :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x A top reason why those who where of the making got out or re-cap badged never to tell stories of Airbourne again.

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  9. In your time there and you never learnt to spell Airborne correctly, shocking!
  10. Airborne soldierss know how to spell, do you mean career and looser or loser. i suspect a walt, can you imagine this blokes morse :?
  11. I knew a Richie in 216 and I'm sure that this ain't fcuking him!
  12. 16th (Air Assault) Brigade Headquarters and Parachute Signal Squadron (216) is the correct title now.

    The real 216 (para) sig sqn died when 5 AB was wound up and everything moved to colly with half it's members left at 12 mech. And something that would never have happened before then..about 15 of the old sqn turned up for then next 264 course..
  13. What do these echoes sound like? :D

    If the boys of the old 216 were such "elite" soldiers, they would grizz out it out an dthen get posted to Colly back to 216, rather than bang out.

    If that was all they were bothered about, to point of signing off or transfering, it makes them sound like prima donna poofters.
  14. Are you drunk? I don't think 216 ever boast of their intellectual escapades. "P Company day 12 - the pub quiz". Bloody mindedness, controlled aggression, winning attitude yes, spelling no. Sorry to the airborne supergeeks Biscuits and big Gaz, please don't hit me. :D
  15. I think those echoes that richie is talking about should really read ethos and if you look at who the current head shed is at 216, you'll see that 90% of Sgts and above are all ex 5AB 216, so the 216 Para Sigs echoes are alive and kicking.