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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by nipper, Apr 9, 2005.

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  1. hi all just woundering if any one is in basic now or has just pasted out, just im hoping to go very soon just would like to no what is going to hit me. training very hard but still feel like i aint fit enough just yet want my maroon beret so much dont want any delayes hope to hear from you
  2. You have made a wise choice, Nipper. Illiteracy is no handicap in the paras.
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: lmao
  4. Fella, you don't need to be a member of 'The Reg' or pass P Company to wear a maroon beret - everyone in 16 Air Assault Brigade gets one.

    Anyway, good luck! :D
  5. Including the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders ?
  6. The Argylls do'nt wear the "maroon beret" cause like the rest of the army they know its GAY.

    i bet a cherry beret bites.................
  7. .. Why I am hearing the paras are so over rated and their tactics out dated by many different peeps..are they jus jealous of the paras?

    I cant wait to do P coy in the future though!
  8. It's not jealousy... I must admit they are very professional Bn's. It's just that people are Pi$$ed off hearing " we are the greatest ". Regimental pride is one thing but bigging yourself up non stop when your regiment has one of the smallest regimental history's is something else.

    And before the reply's come in about the past is the past. well compared to any other infantry regiment, what can the paras do different?..............
    Fall out a plane. As said elswhere anybody can do P company.. But can the Airborne Gods Do mechanized.

    As for tactical employment the chances of the British Army doing an Airborne insertion/Invasion are Slimmer than kate moss.. The Desired method is helicopters ( when they finally get them airborne). You justhave to look at our recent ops. When was the last operational drop( Not Into Kuwait/Saudi, That does not count).............

    Its like scotland/england generally the scots dont give a toss about the mash men. it just pis$£s usoff when we getevery twat going on about how good they think they are(GO ON THE WELSH)............

    I await the replies with baited breath............
  9. i want to be in the reg and i want my wings, this is something i have dreamt about so cant wait to go thanks for the replies. can anyone tell me more about how the first few weeks
  10. Point 1 - 3 PARA did a mechanised tour in germany during the late 70's or early 80's (pre-Falklands), as part of an experiment from 'higher up'. They did a professional job as you would expect, but the powers that be decided that it was a waste of resource. We messed about doing a bit of it in France a few years ago for camp, jumping in and out of VAB's, have to say it wasn;t that hard, but I didn;t find it much fun either. Each to their own - you wouldn;t catch me in one of these things through choice tho.

    Tactical employment - Airborne invasion was very seriously considered in the buildup to telic 1, a road (the road) outside Camp Eagle was recce'd for hercs, and a practise drop was done out of a USMC herc to convert those of us who had not used the new container release kit up to that point.

    (Drop was done NBC cat 2, CBA, containers @ 600ft)

    Rumour was Baghdad airport, or various other airfields up North, obviously didn't happen, but that was partly do with the speed the Yanks got up north. There is never going to be another D-Day/market Garden style drop, but smaller formations? Never say never.
  12. Aye, cus we do, in fact, carry tins of maroon paint around with us whilst training, on the lash and lazing around the house.

    We especially do it abroad, anything up to 3 large tins in the webbing and 2 in each bergen side pouch, not enough maroon things abroad......
  13. Admittedly my memory is not what it was, but I believe that in 77-80 they were part of 5 Field Force (Ask your Dad about them) in BAOR, mounted in low-flying 4 tonners; they claimed it was because it was the only way to keep 3 Bns alive with the disbandment of 16 PARA Bde; only one Bn was to be trained & qualified at any time. 2 years later -> Falklands; 5 Inf Bde, blah, blah, rest is history, blabbity blah.

    I had the dubious pleasure of supporting them in CVR(W) Fox (AKA Ferret on Steroids) as part of "Cyclops" 2RTR, just after its demise as the RAC PARA SQN.

    Anyone know if Ron "Metal Head" Walton is still alive? Now HE was an RSM!!

    Oh, and I served 10 years in 5 AB BDE, -> 16 AA BDE at formation, and I wear a GREEN beret.

    "HAM & JAM!"

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  14. Sooo... whos better then UK or US Paratroopers? Is the US course tuffer or cud any mincer pass it? Obviously know about P coy..
  15. Pull pin! Release grenade!!