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]Hi I am waiting to do my ADSC and PRAC (If i pass ADSC) then hopefully will be in phase 1 training by early next year, I was wondering if PRAC is harder than ADSC, what will I have to do at PRAC and also what will I have to expect if I do get to do phase 1 training, also are the para recruits good lads, I heard they think they are better than everyone else, probably not true just heard stuff from people.

There is a search function, use it as the info is there. If only there was a stupid question filter :) - Disco[/color
Para recruits are just the same as any recruit from any other regiment or corps- POTENTIAL soldiers.
Recruits are just the same as anyone else on the street, some are good guys, some are wanks. Same in all walks of life.
Use the search function or browse threads for info on the aptitude course, I have no doubt it has been covered before.
OOh young Lefty lets not start one of those threads!
PRAC is a 3 day course at Helles Brks up in Catterick, and yeah it's supposed to be pretty hard. I'm there next week, click on the link below for a downloadable .pdf of a timetable about everything that happens over the 3 days.

You wanna click on the link on the right called "Parachute Regiment Assessement Course programme"

Basically PRAC involved 3 main tests though:

PFT (Push-ups/sit-ups max in 2 mins), 3.5 mile squadded run (9min/miles) followed by 1.5 mile individual best effort run.
Tranasium Course
Steeplechase Course

As well as things like the Icebreaker ect. again. Anway get the downloadable file and good luck.
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