Parachute regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by gaylordfokker, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. Did the Para's ever parachute into Iraq in Desert Storm?
  2. For a very poor WAH! No
  3. No, you Numpty Twat.!
  4. Didn't think so, someone is telling me they lobbed in with 3 Para '2 nights before the shit hit the fan'.
  5. That's abit like saying- 'The Raf Regiment is a decent fighting force'
  6. Operational?? it was actually a training drop onto an empty airfield.
  7. So I can tell this guy he is full of shit then? He also claims he was shot in Bosnia so he had to leave the army.
  8. Are we thinking of Saif Sareea I or II????
  9. Haha yeah i bet. It was into a secure area and was seen a bit of a RAF Regt PR stunt rather than actually taking out an objective.

    I may be wrong, but surely the MoD would have made more of it if they had undertaken an operational jump
  10. Nothing like abit of Crab Bashing when the chance arrises
  11. Cheers lads.