Parachute Regiment (V) Operational drops.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by EX_STAB, Jan 29, 2010.

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  1. Has it ever happened since the formation of TA Parachute Regiment Battalions? Suez perhaps?

    I'm thinking that there were no TA Parachute Regiment Bns in WWII, at least it would seem unlikely.

    Anybody know?
  2. As they were formed during the war they did not have any TA battalion, but there may well have been quite a large amount of TA soldiers who volenteered for Para training
  3. No it hasn't happened. Since WWII only 3 PARA have conducted an operational drop and that was 1956. I now await the bellends telling me how parachuting should be binned and how poo we really are.
  4. They may not have been TA at the time but 10 (county of London )PARA dropped at Arnhem won a VC and were reduced to about section strength due to casualties.
    10 PARA became TAVR after the War I believe.
  5. My impression was that 1947 was the first formation of TA Battalions; prior to that Parachute Battalions were formed in war.

    I have seen no indication that any TA had any involvement in the Suez drops, so my guess would be a no to your question.
  6. need the old and bold from 10, 12 and 15 - or the Duke for some geeky knowledge of involvement post WWII :)
  7. The_Duke

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    The answer is exactly as given by Fallschirmjaeger
  8. Technically speaking doesn't the new CO of 2 para dropping into the Falklands count as a combat jump? Genuinely interested...
  9. Yes it does.
  10. All paras are volunteers as no one is forced to join as in the origiinals were all volunteers - does that make sense?
  11. No, we need to keep the capability in case we ever decide to invade Crete...
  12. History being as it is, it would only take a final decision by some
    government to chop the role for yet another "unforeseen" situation to arise upon which someone could take credit for a new brilliant idea, find space at Manchester Airport and reinvent the wheel!
  13. Quite. you can guarantee that the only time we'll need the capability is a fortnight after we've disbanded the last PARA battalion :soldier:
  14. Auld-Yin

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    OK. All parachuting should be binned as it wont be used and all PARA are poo.

    That make you feel better? In all seriousness Tom_dkb & angular have hit it on the head.

    Is it not about time that the COs formed a completely new site where all bone questions about parachuting can be dropped thuis leaving Arrse free for normal abuse? This constant questioning of whether para is or is not needed is becoming a complete pain in the arrse.

    How about sending this thread, and any succeeding ones to the Hole.