Parachute Regiment 'used skull as an ashtray' in NI.

The inquest into the first copper to be killed in London during a riot, very soon after the Met Police were created, was held in the function room above the public bar of The Bedford pub, in Bedford Hill, Balham, SW16. The coroner directed the jury to bring in a decision that the officer was justifiably killed. A skull, said to be that of the murdered lawfully killed policeman, was turned into a 'Lovers Cup' and was presented to the foreman of the jury as a token of the public's gratitude.
The skull cup , known as the Juror's Cup, is now in the police Black Museum.
My old Grandpa (ex Gurkha Rifles officer, Burma star) had a skull top bit, not the jaw and eye sockets and stuff, just the dish at the top that he used as an ashtray to knock his pipe out at the end of the day before retiring to bed,

He said he got it off some Jap fellow who didn't need it any more, so to speak.

I've still got it somewhere in the attic. I don't smoke anymore but I've used it on occasion.

He also had a human femur bone that had been turned into a sort of flute. If you stuck a couple of large ones into him he'd play "Old Macdonald had a farm" on it. Not from the same body though I don't think.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre walt.
Beats being highly strung.
FFS quit harping on...

Dave Allen joke:
Hiram is visiting his roots in Oirland. At the airport, paddy pops up and shows him a skull; “Would yous loike to buy the genuine skull of Brian Boru sorr?”
Hiram is chuffed to nuts to be offered this slice of history so hands over a wad of dollars.
On the the way home, same paddy pops up with another skull and the same story,
“Hang on” says Hiram, “you already sold me the skull of Brian Boru”
*looks closely*
“And this ones smaller”
“Surely sorr, but this is when he was younger”
Is this the same bloke who wrote a memoir claiming to have been a member of a SAS death squad that roamed Northern Ireland "slotting" with impunity?

When the police arrested him on suspicion of murder his army records showed him to have been a vehicle mechanic for his entire army career. As has already been said, "crock of sh1t".

I know a bloke who was a 3rd engineer in the merchant navy in Vietnam but insists this was merely a cover for his true role as a CIA assassin. Funny, I didn't know the CIA could recruit alcoholic Scotsmen.
He wrote 'The Nemesis Files'

Done well for a ragged-arse kid from the backstreets of Glasgow.

Allender Street if I remember correctly
Just at the back of us on Stonyhurst Street
I can confirm that the skull was indeed used as an ashtray, as well as the Band of the Coldstream Guards later recovering his ribcage and using it as a novelty glockenspiel. Coroner O’Magoo only really started to become suspicious when he found out a Para’s wedding had been abruptly stopped just as he was saying “with this bloke’s ring I thee…”.

You can read more about what really went on in my meticulously researched book:


All true.
The Battle of Nsamankow ( 1824)
Almost all the British force were killed immediately; only around 20 managed to escape. McCarthy, along with his ensign and his secretary attempted to fall back. He was wounded by gunfire and killed by a second shot shortly thereafter. Ensign Wetherell was killed whilst trying to defend MacCarthy's body and secretary Williams taken prisoner. On his return, he related that he had only survived through being recognised by an Ashanti chief for whom he had done a small favour, and was spared after being held prisoner for several months, locked in a hut which he shared with the severed heads of MacCarthy and Wetherell, kept as trophies of war. McCarthy's gold-rimmed skull was later used as a drinking-cup by the Ashanti rulers.

A distant relation of mine. (McCarthy, not the Ashanti chief) ;)

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