parachute regiment trainasium

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mc-123, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. It was better amongst the trees!

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  2. Taking a log over the top of that wobbly scaffolding was really cool, too. Much rather be doing that than reading a book.

    Has the Health and Safety Executive ever inspected it, or the trail through the woods, for conformity with EU Hurt Feelings Directives? Way past time, I should think.
  3. JD being of the Old n Bold Brigade that picture brings it all back.

    mc-123 falling off is no problem, landing now that is a different matter. The problem here is they don't teach you to land properley until you do your BPC which is after P Company. Get the proper mind set and do it if you want to be part of the Maroon Machine. Good Luck.
  4. cheers mate thats put me at ease lol :D i was hoping someone would say its not as terrifying as it looks, Guess you have to grit your teeth and get on with it (and hope you don’t fall and break your legs) :D
  5. did'nt they have to move it inside a fenced area because some local kids were playing on it fell off and broke there necks?.

    I'm not helping am I :twisted:
  6. how much training do they do on the trainasium before p company


  7. Sorry mate, not true.

    We did it all bar the shuffle bars, which they saved for P Coy, and that was when I went through Depot in 83-84. Still the same now as well.
  8. It's about courage and the unknown. Listen to the PTI's. Do what they tell you and on their command. React. Don't arrse around, just keep moving, listen to their instructions.

    As a personal point, hundreds of guys have been in your situation at that point of the plank in their time. If you aren't up to it, don't fuss, step away, there's always an honourable role for you in counting blankets in a store. Your call......
  9. I was chuffed when the bloke in front of me fell off that see saw plank and broke his arm. Up came the cry 'Your turn Number 57, lets see you fall better than that!'
    Thoughtful bunch of blokes on the P Coy staff!
  10. :D :D :D
  11. I fell off the 'wobbly' boards in the trees, was bollicked, told to get up and do it again, properly this time.
    Think the blokes behind me were crapping themselves as they had not done it before [I had because I had failed the previous course] Do you still scream out your Course number/Rank/Name before commencing?
    Roadnight, Twitchin and Hairy Mary were the instructors and I still remember them after 47 years!
  12. 'spose it was at the whim of the P Coy staff at the time, I think it was better not to have tried the trainasium before P Coy, less to worry about, we only had two failures