Parachute Regiment T Shirts

The site member Pegasus_Branding kindly donated 3 Reg T Shirts for something that I had set up for an auction to be sorted out whilst I was away. Unfortunately my mucker couldnt finalise part of the plan due to illness so I am sat on 3 very high quality, stitched T Shirts with capbadge and 'Parachute Regiment' lettering.

2 x Maroon T Shirt
1 x Black Polo Shirt


Like I said, very good quality, start them at a tenner a piece for the Hols pot and ill have them fired out to you by close of play on day of winning bid, perfect present for any old and bold in your family.
Silvermans stock the classic Parachute Regiment T Shirt, as worn by the Paras in the 80s and 90s, (the maroon one with blue printed cap badge and 80s font "The Parachute Regiment").

These were the ones that Dubora's sold in Aldershot, (but, don't stock now. Dubora's sell the embroidered ones nowadays, which are not very comfortable for running in).

The Silverman's one look like proper Para Reg T-Shirts, but, they are a bit pricey at £20 a go!

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