Parachute Regiment specialist training

Underwater knife fighting's pretty popular
and freefall welding
extreme ironing is also very popular with 3 Para.
joey_deacons_lad said:
why not ask if you can do the all arms commando course the day you get to battalion im sure your rsm would understand and applaud such a bold move
Now that's just NASTY! :twisted:
Alex123 said:
Once you have done P Coy and the Basic Parachute Course, what do you do? Can you do any specialist training?

Thanks in advanced.

Can you do any specialist training?


The Courses you are put through,are like your career path... :D
and carrying the Charlie G in my day
Mess waiter
Some went on to do Bricklayers courses others did Equipment Repairers, Cold Shoeing (for Pegasus), Sign Writers, Carpentry etc., and that's just for the QM's Pioneers. For the more cerebral there was always the Orderly Room or perhaps the Int' Cell where soldiers trained to be ....Clerks. Post Cpl was much sought after as was driving the Padre around.

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