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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Riggsy, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. This is my first post and I'm unfamiliar with this website - so I'll try to keep it simple. I will appreciate any feedback. Insults and stuff don't bother me much.

    I'm in the pre-Selection stage evaluation process. I attend a running club twice a month governed by my local career office and have been instructed by my recruiting Sgt to beat a 09:00 run time (1.5miles) in order for him to send me away for legit Selection.

    My current average run time is 09:10.
    I want to know if that result will hold any water at the ADSC IF I manage to maintain it. The way I see it is the Paras only want the best. And since they have 4 huge Battalions (more than enough people), I assume its not just down to passing by a few seconds for a definate pass.

    I'm 18 years old.
    I'm 6ft 2".
    I'm now running everyday. (Not sure if good idea)
    I'm not as skinny as the other guys I run with who do it in about 08:30.
    I have until April 3rd (next assessment) to comply with what I have been instructed.

    My problem is, I want to be stubborn and beat 8:30. I was told that because I was the only person attending that was attempting Para Selection and that I should be "Leading the pack". I want to do that on April 3rd. I don't just want to beat 09:00. I want to beat 08:30 and show those skinny bastards Paras are better and I want to prove something to those that have said "It can't be done in 2 and a half weeks".

    My questions;
    Can it be done in my current time set?
    Is it a bad idea to neglect my instruction for personal priorities?
    What advice could you give to me regarding my case?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. The answer is no, you will not knock 40 seconds of your average run time in 3 weeks training.

    Realistic maybe sub 9 minute, 10 -20 second faster but even then you are expecting a lot.

    Concentrate on getting to the end of the course and train for endurance, without injuries.
  3. STOP running everyday unless you want to end up:

    a. over trained

    b. injured
  4. IIRC you're current level of fitness is acceptable for entrance into Para reg training and selection, although you do not mention your other levels of physical competence (upper body strength etc.). Your enthusiasm is commendable, but try not to put too much pressure on yourself or your body. When you get in, this will be done for you, but will be controlled and supervised by NCO's who, although it may not seem like at the time, have your safety and welfare as their priority. The dangers of injury and overtraining are acute at your current stage.

    I suspect that in the event, you will shave about 5 - 10 seconds off your time by simply flogging yourself that much harder due to the occassion being what it is.

    You seem very articulate and very keen on a career in the army, don't let anyone at the Selection Centre put you off a career as an Infanteer. There is a lot to be said for the lifestyle and challenges, especially if successful in your regiment of choice.

    Overall, good luck, your phys will stand you in good stead for the selection tests and the Basic Training that follows.
  5. Thanks. Its really appreciated.

    My upper body strength appears to be enough. In 2 minutes I can do 57 Pushups and 72 Situps (proper stuff, not silly fake ones). I'm not too concerned about these as I'm close to certain I will pass if they are evaluated. But this is another reason I don't want to become too skinny - because I am familiar with my current weight. I enjoy running training, but as my run-time gets better - my weight decreases thus meaning my upper body strength seems to deteriorate a little too.

    But I will use this advice as a guideline and try to maintain what I have proficiently. Thanks again, it is much appreciated.
  6. If you are worried about loosing weight, just eat more!

    Don't eat enough - weight goes down

    Eat too much - weight goes up

  7. What he said.

    Oh, and check ya PM's ;)