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Just a quick question for anybody experienced or any training staff reading. I start phase 1 basic on the 20th oct (can't wait so excited!)I'm joining the Royal Artillery as a Light Gunner but was just wondering can I decide to turn around and say 'actually I'd like to try for a parachute regiment' or have I missed that boat during the joining process. Sorry if I'm asking a mong question. Any help much appreciated.

IIRC you can volunteer to join 7 (PARA) RHA at any time. There should be at least one member of this site who was recently or is a member of the training staff and who can give you the current and correct information.

Once you join a Regiment you will be able to volunteer for P Coy selection (I know that because I had some lads volunteer). If you are a fat biff then be prepared to be laughed at and your application chucked in the round cabinet under the desk. Unless things have changed and 7RHA are full (which would amaze me), then your chain of command are not allowed to stop your application going forward.

My first suggestion would be on arriving at Phase 1 to keep your gob shut and perform extremely well on all physical tests (as well as all the others). If you stand out from the crowd and are not an arrogant cúnt then have a quiet word with one of your Bdrs or if asked during an interview mention that you really want to have a go. 29 RA and 7RHA are always on the lookout for good fit nigs. While you are at training you will almost certainly receive a presentation about the various Light Gun regiments and their roles, and also told how to apply.

I think that you should look at getting past Phase 1 before shouting that you want to go 7RHA: the Army gets too many people who claim to want to do Cdo, PARA and SAS when they turn up for basic, only for them to jack it all in when they get a bit cold and wet on a welsh hillside or are asked to carry some weight.

Also, don't set your heart on joining 7RHA direct. If you are told that it will not be your first posting then don't kick your teddy out of your pram. Find out where you are going and what that regiment is doing for the next couple of years: you might actually prefer that (maybe an Op tour before 7RHA go out again, maybe some sexy foriegn trips, who knows?). Once at your Regiment if you really want to change then put in the papers.

Good luck getting through Phase 1 and 2 first though!
Cheers Dread,

That was a fantastic bit of info. I'll take your advice and knuckle down during phase 1 and 2. I haven't got my heart set on it but would like to give it my best if I were to be offered it!

Thanks again
Just for your info - in the royal artillery there is also 29 commando artillery. Obviously (?), this is a commando battery and everyone is commando trained. These support 3 Commado Brigade.

^ Bit waffley, but look it up if you're interested. Different path as an option for you :)
Worth looking at 29 Commando Regt RA as they are not only commando trained, but many of them are also parachutist qualified. There is 148 Battery within 29 Regt which requires para trained personnel, but you will need to get some experience and qualifications first before going to 148.
cheers for all the info guys! Who ever said you lot aren't helpful..... :wink:

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