Parachute regiment recuriting?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Dooley, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. hi i am wanting to join the parachute regiment and on there website it says they are recruting but i will when i finish my college course (end of this year) and have done 1 year of personal training to prepare but im worried that once i have done all that they wont be recruting. do they keep recruiting or do they stop after a while? any help would be great :?
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Phone your ACIO, they'll tell you when they're recruiting. Your training is never for nothing, it's a base to be built on. As for them stopping recruiting I don't know, wouldn't expect they would though, again, your ACIO would be able to tell you.
  3. Para Regt recruit all year round, as the old and bold get pensioned off, it frees up space for new blood in their ranks, so don't worry, there'll be room enough for you after your course.

    But (jokingly) just how unfit are you that it's going to take you 12 months to get in shape for Army life!
  4. I respond to your post with trepidation as I am a) Drunk and b) not an expert on the matter however with the army as it is at the moment where by it is launching a new recruitment campaign and with it being some what understaffed I cannot see the Parachute regiment becoming so flush with recruits that it stops recruiting in the next decade let alone the next two years.
    As for the year of personal training its not a bad idea but maybe a tad excessive get down to your local ACIO and have a word and see what he/she makes of your situation.
    Hope this is legible and of some help,
  5. ok thanks guys and i wasnt sure either about 1 year for training but how do i know how long to train for and just to be sure what is ACIO?
  6. i think it means army careers office but not sure??
  7. Cow

    Cow LE

    Eh? Thought you wanted to join the Army? Not done any research yet? Army Careers Information Office. They will be able to advise you on your training, they can see if you'll struggle or get on ok by talking to you. If you've not been to see them yet then get your arrse down there, otherwise you won't have a clue whats expected of you.

    Edit as I'm a mong.
  8. ok will do soon as possible :D
  9. Don't expect to be strapping a chute on your back for three or four years mate. Unless the petition to Blair is successful (which I doubt) you wont be jumping until 2011 - and that isn't the time, it's the year.
  10. I suggest you spend the year learning about spelling and grammar :D
  11. This is not true - parachute training continues to be conducted for recruits to Para Regt and Airborne Forces albeit not as frequently as previously due to the operational commitments of the aircraft. Similarly, parachute continuation training in unit is still going on although on a reduced scale for the same operational commitments. Don't believe all you read.
  12. By a strange coincidence I was speaking to our local ACIO this morning as 'Eggbanjo junior' has made noises about joining the Parachute Regiment. From my 10 minute call I gather the sequence is;

    1. Go to the ACIO have an initial chat, get given some forms.
    2. Return the forms and sit the BARB test at the ACIO
    3. Submit your medical forms from your GP, any probs your differed, all OK move on to next step.
    4. Attend two interviews at the ACIO (one with a Sgt the other with an Officer)
    5. Attend selection center (phys tests, medical etc) at the end of this you will be offered a slot, or not as the case may be.
    6. Join up

    The process can take 2-3 months if all goes well or 8-9 months if paperwork gets delayed. I'm sure its more complicated than I've set out above and I suspect 6 months is the norm from start to finish.

    My lad intends applying in January so he joins up after completing his college course, not his preferred choice but better to have the A Levels than not have them.

    PS.....the ACIO said nothing about restrictions on recruiting numbers.
  13. It all depends on their next intake...
  14. when i go to the ACIO will one of the people there tell me about training up and how long to train for cause i have no clue?
  15. Cow

    Cow LE

    Well, when you go you'll find out?!