Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by GunnySonics, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Ahoy :wink:

    Apparently the PARA's are to have a new 5 day pre joining course starting this winter, course details are as follows:-

    Parartroopers Learning Under Marines (PLUM) Course

    Day 1

    Arrive via 30 Seat Tandem Bicycle
    Medical (Cough Test in y-fronts)
    Induction(2 Hours)
    Parachute Regiment History Brief (5 mins)

    Day 2
    Kit Issue (1xHeadover 1xNappy 1xShower Cap (Green) 1xDummy)
    Fitness Test (consists of 500 pull ups, 1000 sit ups, 200 jumps off foot stool)
    PM Pillow fight with visiting Sea Cadets

    Day 3
    Spelling Test
    Times Table Test

    Day 4
    Rest Day

    Day 5
    Return all kit
    Return non soiled bedding
    Return High Chairs & Stair Gates
    Orienteering test (find your own way home)

    The test is not pass or fail, however any PLUMS requiring parents to pick them up before day 5 will not be invited to join the PARA's at a later date.

  2. Is this an "if you pass you fail and if you fail you pass" test? :?
  3. You have far too much time on your hands---but b****y funny!Couple of Para's out here even laughing!
  4. thanks for that, as a wannabe recruit who has dismissed the idea of the royal marines for the paras I find this extremely interesting.

    You see, the reason I didnt want to join the bootnecks is my father is ex boot pti, and has told me all the stories of rm's rivalry with 'P' company.

    This thread posted has made me want to join even more! If i have to complete 500 pull ups, 1000 sit ups, 200 jumps off foot stool to gain entry, that seems more than the RM's do in a week!!! the fact I was above required RM fitness before i applied for 'P' company doesnt matter.

    why do you hate para's so much? is it because of the lower IQ entry? or maybe they dont get as wet as the marines do during training?

    however, I have had a bit too much juice tonight so maybe what I say is ignorable.

    The point I am trying to get across is... (i guess your RM) i have the choice of being RM Marine or 'P' company officer, what would you suggest, and please do not state the obvious!

    anyway! best of luck in wherever you are 'sir'!


    Cadet Sullivan
  5. lol funny stuff.
  6. I'll have a pint of whatever he's on! 8O
  7. If you have been a para or are a para you don't even need to defend such an elite organisation. The rest just stand and watch! Makes me so proud!
  8. lol , it's a joke poeple dont take it seriously
  9. Do you want to be a soldier or a sailor? Keep the beret maroon red! and your hands below your head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!