Parachute Regiment POC

I'm booked on the next PARA POC in November and I was wondering if any other members on the forum have attended one? Did you attain sponsorship and do you have any tips? In regards to interviews, essays, knowledge; what kind of things were you asked and do you need to know a lot about the Parachute Regiment itself or just have a basic understanding of things?

Any feedback would be great.
Hi thommo3174,

I am also booked to attend the Nov POC. I have however done a Para POC before about 3 years ago when I had just turned 18.
Sponsorship for me is not the aim here for I am already sponsored by another regiment, more just a challenge. Also, If you have yet to do AOSB main board then it is certainly very helpful in that respect.


1. Run, run, run. Even if you are already super fit, they will push you until you break so try an keep on top of your phys.
2. Learn all the battle honours of the Para's, especially those involving the Falklands.
3. Read the paper every day and immerse yourself in all current affairs so you have a strong background knowledge.
4. Practice your presentation skills if they are weak and also your speed/distance/time arithmetic.
5. Don't mention your run times/ press up/sit up numbers to anyone, especially no one on the course...they will pick you up on it otherwise.
6. In command tasks, help your team mates- too many times did my team fail due to the selfish actions of other.

Finally, above all you must remember that how well other people do has absolutely no bearing on whether you will succeed or fail. There is no cap on sponsorship places so it is simply a best effort event. It will always be in your interest to help the other people in your section along.

* Don't whatever else happens.....let go of the log under any circumstances.

Good Luck
Hi Thommo,
I was on one a couple of months ago. Everything JohnBoy said above is good advice, and I'd add, on the trinasium you have got to really throw yourself into it. One of our lads bottled the cargo net and dislocated his knee. He was in hospital for the next few days. And definately don't let go of the log!!

Good luck mate.


And to add,

Fitness is not all. Be yourself, but remain conscious of where you are and what you are trying to achieve at all times. Your time in the mess bar is as vital as your time on the trainasium. You could be the fittest bloke in the world but if you are social moron you will not do well (like the idiot who tried to pick a fight in the mess during one POC I was supporting!).
If all doesn't go perfectly don't despair. Many years ago a colleague of mine got a poor report from a Para POC citing a lack of commitment and determination, last time I heard he was a Para Company Commander having completed a tour as a Troop Commander at Hereford.

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