Parachute regiment PO Insight Course

Discussion in 'Officers' started by udonthave2call, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. Good evening,

    I'm currently serving with the Parachute Regiment as an OR, but have recently expressed my intention to apply for a commission, my platoon commander is fully supportive of this (as he himself was commissioned from the ranks) obviously as long as I pass the relevant boards (I am qualified to attend Sandhurst, having a degree).

    My question is would I gain anything from attending the Potential Officer Insight course? My platoon commander is not so sure, but has left it up to me to decide.

    I would really appreciate any advice from anybody who has attended this course as to what value it has..
  2. IIRC its mandatory if you want sponsorship from the Parachute Regt at RMAS
  3. Sounds like something your platoon commander can easily find out through a call to RHQ. If he's supportive, he should enable you to gain that information through more direct means than ARRSE.

    Or you can demonstrate Potential-Officer initiative and call this number: 01206 817075 (found here in 45 seconds).

    Good luck!