Parachute regiment Pathfinders in Afghanistan...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by petergriffen, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. Eh, Paras break trucks and machine guns and abandon patrol? Hardly flattering.
  2. :D :D Abandon Patrol ??? More like - Someone forgot the elastic bands and Duct tape !!!

    Good thinking there - you can rely on them returning !! :D :D
  3. They actually broke 2 trucks, the one that rolled was already towing a shagged one.
  4. Half the kit that rolls out the gate gets towed back in. Did they abandon the patrol or achieve their objective in locating the enemy? Kit breaks its a fact of life they dealt with it, I would say it was flattering. It looked more like a recce to me, they located the enemy and got away without injury.
  5. Well said !!.....and NO injuries - Result, in my book ?
  6. I agree with you spaz,
    long range infiltration recce is not to be snuffed at by those who just sit back behind a computer and can only give criticism.
    If the MOD issued the correct equipment in the first place for the terrain that these lads are in, things would be much different.
    Anyway the best war tactics are kept secure and would not be shown in open forum........Don' t you think?
  7. Calm down girls! If the object of the patrol, that bit called "mission" on the Op Order was the breaking and successful recovery of a number of vehicles it would be a success. Noone is sniffing over what the guys are doing over there, just that this little TV report wasn't that great.
  8. Wasn't getting my knickers in a twist mate. Personally I think it was a good report as it showed something that happens all too frequently. Wagons roll all the time out there and kit breaks when you least need it to. I'm not slagging the M-WMIK either all kit breaks its just one of those things. I'm sure rolling the wagon could have been avoided but again these things happen.
  9. Then Dick, ooops I mean western, sorry got confused with your avatar.
    But yes you are correct, some reports only show the bad points and never the success stories, does that not make you wonder why?
  10. We had WMIKs which had been used by the Pathfinder and 3 Bde Recce Force before we got them. We broke many wagon many times. We had our platoon VMs fitting clutches in the middle of the desert and had a WMIK where the driver was told "If you get in a contact don't stall because we'll need to jump start it to get it going again!".

    Nothing against the PF guys, but it seems this only makes the news because the paras are involved.
  11. Double tap on that crow_bag. :)
  12. They all came back, thats the main thing.
  13. ..aint it always the case ? If it's Para - diss it... :?

    For me - I'm glad the lads came back safe - and brought the bugger back in.
  14. Do I detect a bit of jealousy maybe?