Parachute Regiment or Parachute Engineer.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Flying, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys, first of all, Hello! As this is my first post of Arrse, although I'v been a long term lurker for many a year. Recently passed AOSB Main Board 2444 in December, and the Board suggested and have now booked me onto the special 11 week Pre-RMAS Course at the Army School of Education in May (due to weak written English) and should be off to Sandhurst in Sept '12!

    Basically, I know that I want to be Airborne, and for years I thought I wanted to be in the Parachute Regiment but going in as an Officer I'm curious as to what the Royal Engineers 23 Engineer Regiment (Air Assault) offer specifically. Ideally I want to learn about things that go bang (Demolitions :D) and some additional Civil Engineering skills with my time if I joined the Royal Engineers.

    Curious as to how much time a Royal Engineer Officer would spend in an Infantry role? If he was part of 16 Air Assault Brigade?

    and does anyone know much about Para assault Pioneer platoon?

    All replies welcome the good and the rude!
  2. Hey 'Flying'

    Just wanted some hints and tips since you passes AOSB in December, i have an ACA meeting this thursday and then [hopefully] move onto the AOSB Briefing and after that Main Board.

    Also what made you choose the Para's as my first three choices and now changed...
  3. If I had to some it up in short, Self Belief. I turned up to my AOSB Mainboard and was told on the morning of the 2cd day I was the youngest by a country mile and the only 1 who didn't A)Have a Degree or B)Was a serving soldier, but in my report they said they were impressed how that didn't faze me.

    Just give everything your all and when you haven't got any left to give, give some more really. Worked for me at least.

    Para's has been somewhat of a long term aspiration for me, also love my fitness and a challenge too so.
  4. You wouldn't really spend any time in an infantry role as an engineer officer. Para Regt also don't have Asslt Pnr Platoons anymore. They were shelved on the decrease in battalion manning sizes.
  5. I think you have to decide what you want:

    Top of the game Inf Officer then Paras.
    Engineering either civil or military then RE.
    Things that go bang RLC as an ATO.

    Both RE & RLC have para & cdo units.
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator


    Your best bet now that you are through AOSB is to get yourself on Fam visits to the Parachute Regt and the Sappers so you can see what you will actually do as a junior officer. Both 23 and 24 Regts are popular choices for Sapper YOs, and you cannot join the Sappers just to go to 23 Regt (in either officer or soldier entry) Essentially you commission into the Corps and then ask to be posted there (and believe me you will not be alone). if there are spaces, and you are judged to be suitable, then you will go there straightaway; otherwise you will go to a mainstream Sapper Regiment and bide your time. There are also parachute (and commando) slots in both of the RE EOD regiments.

  7. As a engr troopy you would be luckily to blow anything up.
  8. I think at the very least I know I'd rather be a in a Para unit than a Cdo.

    I'll take a look into the RLC as an ATO.

    At the moment I'm slightly leaning towards Royal Engineers, but I'm yet to make a decision. I'v got plenty of visits and time to consider this however!
  9. Hint/tip: Work on your written Engish.
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  10. The job of ATO is far more academic than a lot realise and the course is 18 months long, longer now with the advent of the Defence EOD Operator Course, but generally the job is nowhere as “green” as RE.
    You’ll do a lot more soldiering and Officering (commanding troops etc) in the RE and you might get a chance to do a bit of EOD where as you’ll do a lot more trade work and maybe some soldiering as an ATO.

    Caveat: the above is very very basic and I would speak first hand to all three serving officers before making your decision.

    Good luck.
  11. Thanks Felix.

    As I said currently leaning towards the Engineer route (this depends on how quickly the RE could put me through the All Arms P Company, a question I'll be sure to ask)

    Already had my Parachute Insight Course, unfortunately due to visits to Sandhurst and Pre-RMAS at the Army School of Education they are unable to place me on a Parachute Officer Course) but I'm meeting the Royal Engineers in April and very shortly off to the School of Infantry in Warminster.

    Thanks a lot
  12. Oh, you are smart.

  13. X59

    X59 LE

    Easy answer. Para Regt.

    If however, you want to be an officer who has a fair chance of serving with Airborne forces for a limited time, then being moved on to something completely different, then RE.

    I suspect it's the former.
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  14. Do you not think written English is important?
  15. From speaking to guys who've gone to either of the 2 arduous courses from the RE, you are in for a very stiff challenge. Whilst I have my own opinions on how the RE do their business, you will have to be very very fit to be selected straight from RMAS to go to either P Coy or AACC.