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Hi there -

I'm nearing the end of school and it is decision time :) I would like to know if the route to becoming an officer in the parachute regiment is any diffrent from the route to any other regiment, for example, are there any different selection processes?

Also, how would you suggest I train for officer selection/parachute regiment?

Thanks alot - Ben



Welcome to Arrse. Advice as follows (wind up filter on):

1. Use the search function - there is a lot of advice on here about officer selection and training, please take a good look through it all.

2. Selection for potential Parachute Regiment officers is the same for all others (ie careers office interviews, briefing for main board at Westbury, Army Officer's Selection Board (AOSB) at Westbury and untimately Sandhurst but with 2 key additional stages.

These are the Para Regt Potential Officers Course (POC) and P Coy. It is like a Regimental visit, but with an added emphasis on fitness. Fail to shine on the fitness or come across as a total cock and you are not going to be sponsored to Sandhurst by Para Regt. It doesn't prevent you going back for it at some later stage though. P Coy is an absolute - it doesn't matter how well you did at Sandhurst or your POC - No P Coy pass, no Para Regt.

Good luck.

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