Parachute Regiment Dress Regulations

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by nastyberganchafe, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. Good Morning,

    Cant find on armynet. Never seen a copy. Don't know if its exists. Need a copy. No one I know has one. Would be appreciated.

    Kind regards
  2. Good Morning Nasty,

    When you get your "Chafing" sorted at the Med Centre, get your eyes tested:D.
    The Parachute Regiment dress regs are on Armynet.

    Go to the Reference Portal, open up the Army Electronic Library (AEL) and search for Army Dress Regs. The Parachute Reg regs are in Part 4 - Corps and Regimental Dress Regulations - Regiments of Infantry.

    Hope this helps,

    Shiny (Ex Hat)
  3. On armynet goto resources and look for army eletroni library(AEL) then dress regulations, Infantry(expand) parachute regulation
  4. Copy or no copy, right or wrong, the badge is always right, back away gracefully before you make a complete diddy of yourself.
  5. Ah,

    Thanks very much, I managed to find the correct section which does not answer my query.

    My query is obscure.

    It is this.

    What are the regs for no 11 dress?

    Kind regards
  6. No.11: Warm weather mess dress
    A white jacket is substituted for the coloured one of temperate mess dress. Waistcoats are not worn.
  7. Ah, yes. Didn't notice the 'next' tab at the bottom, which you press until you find the bit you need. I now feel foolish.
    Oh dear.

    Thanks once again.
  8. I thought that PARAs just wore what they woke up in.

  9. normally your wife or your daughters gopping clunge.
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  10. That would make a refreshing change from each others ring pieces.
  11. Your really not doing much to help change the stereotype are you :p
  12. I've heard that the cap badge is now going to be worn above the left eye again as every other unit in the British Army is trying to outdo the the Para Regt in the 'over the left ear' contest....over the eye is the new ally!
  13. Old skool Cav style, cap badge in the middle, with the beret pulled down equally on both sides. A style well worth reviving.
  14. I know of at least one MPGS guy who is sporting this looks he looks aweome lol.
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  15. Every para I've seen has managed to get his smock looking like it's been bought off a tramp for a cheeseburger condition, numerous tears & repairs, faded :)
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