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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Harry Paget Flashman, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. Gentlemen of ARRSE, my cadets are affiliated to the Parachute Regiment (and rightly proud of it they are too).

    A major facet of our training is a Corps of Drums. This is highly successful in raising the profile of the Regiment and the Army as a whole in our local area.

    Over the course of time, we've managed to beg, steal and borrow plenty of No.1 Dress suits for the cadets to wear at performances. However, this leaves us with the problem of 'badging' everything correctly.

    We are in need of collar badges, buttons, belt buckles, drum badges and rank badges.

    Of course there are badge suppliers plastered all over the 'net and there is always the bottomless pit that is ebay. However, as I'm sure you're aware, simply stating 'Parachute Regiment' on a description vastly inflates the price.

    We actually receive no official funding and, I'm informed by the QM that, as we're not scaled for No.1 Dress, we can't get badges 'through the system'.

    We do charge for our performances when it's appropriate, but mostly we perform for ex-service charities and we will not charge these guys.

    Therefore, this is an appeal for anyone who can help us with any of the items I mentioned above. We will be happy to refund any postage costs of course.

    Thank you for reading.
  2. Check PM Harry
  3. Shameless bump ;)
  4. Thanks for the link matey.

    However, having dealt with that particular company, I wouldn't buy a bean from them - over-priced and unreliable (much of what they advertise ain't in stock).

    We couldn't afford nearly £10 per pair for collars anyway.
  5. Have you phoned the QM's of the four battalions?
  6. I've only managed to collar 4 Para's QM at the moment. He's looking into it for us at the moment. Thanks for the suggestion though - it will be a case of writing to them before long.
  7. Harry, I have a load of RN bandy badges,drums and some stringed instrument, they are gold on black, would these be any good?
  8. Barney - they would be just the thing (I believe they're all the same pattern).

    I'll PM you :)