Parachute Regiment Bridge

An Ulster Unionist MLA has proposed calling the planned bridge at Narrow Water 'Parachute Regiment Bridge' in memory of those that died at Warrenpoint. Call for 'Parachute Regiment Bridge' - UTV Live News

Probably just a bit of Shinner baiting rather than a serious proposal but it would actually have been a nice idea.
Hmm, the bill for cleaning graffiti off it will probably be more than it'll cost to build!

We mustn't forget the Queens Own Highlanders took casualties that day as well.
Will lay odds now that officially or unofficially it now becomes the "Vol. (insert name of dead chuck) Bridge" complete with shrine.

Silly thing to do.
Here's a thought:

BBC said:
Among the dead was a civilian, the 28-year-old son of one of the Queen's coachmen. Michael Hudson was caught in the crossfire.
Perhaps it would be fitting to name the bridge after an inocent bystander, many of whom are too often victims in these events

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