parachute regiment basic training questions.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by scriv184, Nov 15, 2010.

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  1. im interested in joining the parachute regiment this time around.i joined the rifles and daor'd nothing to do with fitness just made bad choice so i know what regular infantry training is like.what do you generally do fitness wise in a week of training how many runs,tabs etc would you do in a training week?
  2. I thought it was the same except an extra 2 weeks in which you do P Coy and I think BPC? Im probably talking a load of bollox though. StaticLinePimp will know more
  3. try the search facility, or try google, there is also a good set of para forums on the military forums or mod oracle, they will help your search

    otherwise, your gonna take some flak for asking the same questions a hundred other geezers have asked before
  4. Obvious answer would be - Expect plenty of both.

    If you jacked on The Rifles because it was a "bad choice" then perhaps Para Reg isn't a good choice for you either as they are both similar.
  5. Yes you are talking a lot of bollox
  6. If you're into fitness why not try the Royal Army Physical Training Corps
  7. i didnt jack because infantry life wasnt for me.i left because i thought the grass was greener on the otherside obviously straight away i realised it was not.regular infantry training even though i had chronic anterior compartment syndrome wasnt that physically was for the unfit cnuts but i didnt find it hard.i like the rifles but i always looked at the para recruits with i thought i'd give it ago as last time i wanted the parachute regiment.Ive read the cic para programme but its not that specific as to what a regular week consists of runs etc.just wanted to see if my body would stand up to the rigorous training.

  8. Shock answer from Pansy the Gobbler!
  9. At least I ain't the one hiding behind my computer keyboard - BELLEND

  10. well, what are you doing right now then? burining your relpies onto my screen with your lazer eyes?
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  11. not sure which thread to post this in but hopefully you guys can help me out ive just been cleared medically from defferal from pirbright and have adsc again on 9th of january i really want to change my first job choice to parachute regiment but not sure if ive got what it takes to make it my 1.5 mile time is 8.36 best effort last time i ran it sit ups 102 in 2 minutes press ups 60 in 2 minutes and 10 heaves overarm grip can anyone tell me if they feel i should give it a shot (also my shins are very tempremental so am worried that even if i made it that maybe i wouldnt make it through the training)
  12. Give it a go, then you will find out.
  13. I would cry Wah, but there's something odd about this reply. It's too naïve to be a wah.
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  14. True--as such the OP should avoid at all costs the Royals. :)