Parachute Regiment Badge

They can be made any size that one is about 100 cm by 80 cm, I am trying to get permission from the MOD to market them. I was initially thinking about messes and stores or leaving presentations.


Don't try pushing-out RAF roundels, or you'll have the lawyers from Ben Sherman on your case.
If the Royal Irish Rangers ever had an airborne section I'm sure they would have loved one on their Caubeen, would just about have fitted on.
Here is a badge I made, I was wondering if there is any interest in them?

That would have been the right size to fit on my head the day I passed P Company. Maybe you can sell it to the crows in anticipation?
You probably should have used the cable cleats to tack the cable to the top of the skirting board, as opposed to along the floor, it would have looked a lot neater.
Hey dont say that, took me ages to get the wife to do the job in the first place, if she sees this post her DIY days will be over........jeeeeze

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