Parachute Regiment Aptitude Course.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MajorRageUK, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to the ARRSE forums, although I have been reading the posts here for a long time. I've recently passed ADSC and am due to arrive at para depot on May 3rd.

    My question is all in the title. Somewhere on the internet I read about the PRAC, it seems to be very similiar to ADSC. Is this course still in play? I'm assuming it's a course run before basic training begins.

    What are the requirements needed to pass? I have done a search on the ARRSE forum on this topic but I didn't come up with anything.

    Thanks to you all in advance.

  2. Ben to be honest the best people to answer that question are the Para's themselves If you want a contact number for para coy drop me a PM but please do not share it on the site.
  3. Wow trooper, did you think of that all by yourself?
  4. Good luck on the 3rd of May Ben.
    And if your lucky enough you will jump from a plane. :lol:
  5. Only thing i can think of is the para insight course at colchester. Its has the same events as ADSC plus a few other additions, i believe people aresent on it to see if they are able to meet the fitness standards of a para before going to adsc but to be honest its worth going at any point up until you begin training...ive been and id reccomend it!
  6. oh and if you want to go on that email... and give them your details tell them where you are in the process and that you would like to come on the insight course.
  7. HI White Rabbit. Yes I've actually been to the Insight Course. It's the most fun I've had in a long long time! Although I'm not 100% sure about the 1.5 mile run there.. I got 8.23 on it, a month and a half later, having trained 5 times a week, I managed 9.23 at Glencorse, and it felt as though I was running a hell of a lot quicker than I had in Colchester. Just a small warning to potential recruits, don't slack off on your training after you've been to the course!!!

    PM coming your way coops. Thank you all for the super quick replies.

  8. Surely they do a BFT straight away at Catterick and if you rack that they ll tell you to piss off. However there is a shortage of frontline troops. Might just pass you and stick you with one of those mine detector things.
  9. I went on the Para Insight Course in Dec. F()cking hell it was cold. Fresh frost on the ground, no one about.

    A steady warm up in the gym, then press ups, heaves, sit ups all best effort. The a nice 1.5 mile warm up followed by best effort back. I nearly died. Blokes were being sick as they had told us to enjoy breakfast and some did.

    Oh and the stretcher race. The worst pain I have ever felt. However theres something motivating about being called a fu cking useless cnut, stop walkin you cnut, get in the water you cnuts, my granny could run faster than you you cnut. The worst one was we did saw the end and everyone goes "we are there" and they took us another ten minutes through some of the worst mud and shite I've seen.

    Sat at breakfast with mud on my face, frozen feet, wet ass. lol
  10. You loved it really :D
  11. Sad thing is I woke up the next day at home and thought life is shite. I'm gonna join the paras. So got pre-selection this afternoon and looking at around a 9 min 1.5miler
  12. When i went we didn't do a stretcher race we did the log run, fcuk me that was hard!
  13. When i did it in July (on one of the hottest days of the fcukin year) we did the log race, do they not do that anymore? Ahhh it was very relaxing, in the blistering heat, with only 4 people left on your log! So much so that one lad was found unconcious on the route halfway round. :) I had a nice long puke after that , only after wed finished it though :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  14. Iremember doing the log race. I also remember the very last bit, we come round the corner and there's the finishline. Now, as I'm 6ft 3", I was on the back of the log. The lad next to me had come off at the first corner ''argh, sorry lads, my back, can't do it, back is playing up'' Many of the back half of the log came off during the race. It got to the point where there was me and one other lad on the back of the log, with 2 on the front. The guy next to me would keep coming off every 30 seconds, let himself recover then jump back on. This got on my t*ts like you'd never believe. So, yeah, the final corner, I'm on the verge of collapsing, beyond nackered.. The guy gets back on the back ''c'mon lads, nearly there!!!'' Pace increases, head goes fuzzy. I wake up to find myslef being dragged to the side of the track as the 2nd log passes me by. I get up, think, oh ffs, then sprint past the 2nd log and just don't quite make it to the finish with the last of my team. How fecking annoying!
  15. ahahaa, lazy cnut!! :)