Parachute Regiment Aptitude Course (PRAC)

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mc-123, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. I'm quite new to this forum and i'm hoping to join the parachute regiment i know after u pass all the initial stages ie AFCO barb and ADSC tests u move on to the parachute regiment aptitude course, apparently these are the tests u do below. Does any one know if these are pass or fail tests and say if u fail all the tests what u have to do retake the tests or would they say u r not suitable to join the paras, if so would u be sent back to AFCO
    and told to choose a different regiment?

    Parachute Regiment Aptitude Course (PRAC)
    Gym tests
    15 sit-ups on a bench angled at 45 degrees.
    10 dips on the parallel bar.
    10 underarm heaves to the bar.
    5 Mile Run
    3 miles squadded
    1 & half miles in best time
    Steeplechase Course
    2 circuits in no more than 12 minutes

    sorry about all the questions and to change the subject but i really need the answers

    apparently u take the parachute regiment aptitude Course and apparently u take it after u have done ADSC? can some one clear this up for me please is this the course take after ADSC or is it ment for people who r already in the army looking to transfer to another regiment i'm so f*ckin confused can some please tell me what tru and whats not :? :? :oops:
  2. You sure this is up to date (the website) Im starting soon and ive never been told about this mate and neither have any1 else i speak too, maybe its part of the gym tests at the start of basic otherwise god knows... i know i aint done it and ive passed adsc and not long till i start..
  3. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Valid questions, So why dont you go back into the ACIO and ask them. There is no point asking them here,because you will get 200 different answers. I wish you well getting into Para Regt, if you have the will and aptitude you will pass.
  4. mc123 youve got this information from that site that sells dvds on how to go SAS etc...its full of sh1t you would do well to look at the actual army websites for info on selection. everyone does the same tasks at selection unless your going for a technical trade, in which case you will do TST' wont be doing these if you are going para reg, happy with that?!
  5. i am due to go on PRAC on the 14th of this month. i was wondering if anyone has taken this course. and does anyone know how long they give u after the 3.5 mile squadded run before u run the 1.5 miles?
  6. Just to rectify, 201 :lol:

    Good luck MC.
  7. Have just seen an applicant from my office be put on this, after ADSC new rules allegedly!!!
  8. When did you pass ADSC mate?
  9. i passed adsc on the 17th march.
  10. I don't know why you're on it. It is something new that the parachute regiment are bringing in at the start of April. They brought it in because of the amount of recuits dropping out so early on in training. This new selection that they've brought in is a 3 day selection up in Catterick to show potential recruits what life will be like.
  11. PRAC is not a new thing its something that should never have went away in the first place
  12. Indeed- i did PRAC in 1990......
    Reinventing the wheel again!
  13. I am also applying for the parachute regiment, good luck, i hope to see you there! 8)
  14. In answer to my own question and anyone else who is confused the PRAC Parachute Recruit Assessment Course is a three day course that has been reintroduced to ensure the paras get the right applicants that can stand up to the arduous training. The course is a three day assessment that starts every Tuesday at 1200 hours and attendees are released from the course at 1300 hours on Thursday. There are three physical activities during the course: 1. the illusion jump on the trainasium.2. The physical assessment personal fitness test (PFT) which will consist of sit ups (2 mins), press ups (2 mins), 3.5 mile suadded run (9 min/mile) followed by 1.5 mile individual best effort run run.3.three laps of the assault course. :twisted: