Parachute Reg

Just a comment really, Paras go round saying there the Reg, Well to my understanding the only Reg is the S.A.S why do these choppers talk so much shit and suck so much cock!
Another failed P-Coy candidate eh?
No mate, I never attempted P Coy, didn't want to be associated with a load of Benders
Paton216Tech, I would rather be a HAT, than a cock sucking Para!
Two weak responses, exactly what could be expected from a crap hat. When I use the term I am of course speaking solely of you, Breks. I'm off to go and spaff over my missus' tits, enjoy your evening!
Actually you'll find the only true Reg are "THE REG". The RAF Regt :)
Pop corn at the ready , waiting for Falls G to turn up hahaha.
If you say so Waitout but the Paras believe they are the only REG, a Para full screw once said to me that therest of the army is shit and only the paras are good. Well I have news for them, The "hats" as they call them have done more fighting than the paras ever have. Saying that the army does have need of fuckwits who will jump out of planes and run at machine gun posts becoz they think they are bullet proof.
You guys are so funny, bet you blodd is boiling isn't it Paton. Calm down lad lmao
Well Roger, I will post what I want cus i'm bored ok lad, so get your mummy to tuck you in and goodnight!
Thats rather low Hank, considering the East Lancashire Reg fought like lions at the Somme. Now fuck off back to your boyfriend oyu cowardly piece of shit!

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