Parachute Records WW2

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by SUNRAY_MINOR, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Folks,
    I'm after the WW2 parachute course records.

    ie names and units of those undertaking parachute training.

    I know Duxford hold them but they are reluctant to give them out.
    I also know that the records are out there but again those who have them are reluctant to give them out.

    I'm happy to make a donation to Hols4Heroes if anyone is willing to get me a copy of the records.

    Much obliged if anyone can help.

    Ta muchly.
  2. "I know Duxford hold them but they are reluctant to give them out"

    daft question but why?
  3. That does seem like a wide spread search; do you want ALL the records? That must be millions. Maybe narrowing down your search to unit, time, or personnel, might help. Plus you could approach the relevant regt museums.
  4. Some of the people are still alive and the WW2 records are not yet available online like WW1 on Ancestry.
    I have asked them specific questions but they have queered my reason for asking and asked if I was a relative.

    For Chef.

    I'm unsure of course make up, not sure if the courses were mixed units or specific to unit.
    The number of (British) Parachute trained troops for WW2 would have been in the 10's of thousands if that.

    I know other people have the records and I'm presuming in .pdf format as that's what the Palestine 45-48 medal roll are in.

    I'm asking if anyone has the records that they would be willing to share for my research.
  5. Have you tried Brize?
  6. I'm on to a man who knows a man to see if I can get them that way.

    Cool user name.
  7. did you try ParaData? - they seem to have access to all sorts of records.
  8. Hairy muff, thanks for the reply.
  9. ParaData are Duxford, they are holding out on me.

    I'm going to give them a call and see if I can come down and copy the records
  10. i have asked for stuff from them before and i think once they know the intent of what you are using the material for and who you are they will work with you.
    (Of course you could get a total knob, who doesn't like your haircut and then its endex.)
  11. Did you ask by phone?

    I prefer going to the establishment holding the records when I know there might a quibble or three. Face to face seems to work much better. I can even show them what I've done so far which can help a lot.
  12. I email them last week but as yet they have not replied. I'll give them a call this week to see what I can get from them.
    It's a bit of a treck just just to be sent off at the high port.

    But I'll see what happens, I was just hoping that some kind chap already had the info and would be willing to share.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Best of luck, I have been trying to track don some munition stuff from WW1 and although the company has changed hands and records too several times I seem to get no response to my e mail enquiries. A phone call will be the next thing!
  14. Have you tries PCAU? they hold all Para records going back to 1940.

    Parachute Course Administration Unit (PCAU) - British Army Website
  15. As you have been told that one of the reasons for non-disclosure is that some of the personnel are still alive, the concern will be that disclosure of the data to you would be an infringement of the rights of those living personnel under the Data Protection Act 1998. So it might be worth considering whether you could complete your research using data that does not infringe those rights. For example would the data with names and any other elements that could be used to identify a living individual redacted be any use to you? If the answer to that approach is that the redaction exercise would be too costly you could then introduce your offer of a charitable donation as a quid pro quo.