Parachute course

Im doing the insight course on the 5th-7th of december, im fairly fit but my run time tbh could be loads better. Is generally everyone who goes got a good run time?? Im worried ill be the person at the back of the pack
Mr_C_Hinecap said:
Well why not step up the running before then? Couple of weeks will help no end.
yer i have been, my average is about 10:30 but nowwhere near the 9:18 mark, tbh everytime i pick up the pace i end up stopping ( bad stamina ) my best time ive ever got is 9 something


Don't forget pain is just weakness leaving the body. The more pain you go through the more weakness leave the body the stronger you get. This is the start of the building blocks of being FL*CKING AIRBORNE.
There are endless threads on this; search and you'll find people telling you to keep going fast and worry about puking when you reach the end.

Keep practicing; you'll be surprised how quickly your time goes down.
Is anyone going to the course on the 5th-7th??

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