Parachute Championships - August 2010

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For those who wish to be aware ( get in there Big Bird!)

The 11th British Armed Forces Parachute Championships (AFPC) will take place at the Joint Service Parachute Centre Netheravon (JSPC(N)) over the period Fri 6 – Fri 13 Aug 10.


Official Training dates are from Wed 4 - Fri 6 Aug 10. Teams intending to train on these dates should inform the Commandant JSPC(N) and APA Secretary.

Registration will open at 1200hrs Fri 6 Aug 10 and close at 0800hrs Sat 7 Aug 10. The competition draw will take place after jumping has ceased on Fri 6 Aug 10. Late registration will be available, subject to agreement by the meet director, on condition that the integrity of the competition is not compromised. The championships will start at 0800hrs Sat 7 Aug 10 and will be finished by 1500hrs Fri 13 Aug 10.
More info at LINKY (sorry, internal)

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Is there such a thing as a face-to-face tandem? Having seen some of them Red Devils (specially the huge tall one with the tatts) I'd be WELL up for that!!

Of course HE may choose to go into a convent as an alternative!! :D
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