Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by RHODESIAN, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. I have just been volunteered for the Para10 bimble with the 35lb bergan is their any other arrser's attempting this?,I am busy running around with a 16kg bag of dog food in my bergan getting ready for this am I completely insane or just stupid?.Feel free to sponsor me :D
  2. Many thanks to Gadgwah for sponsoring me for £50.00 crispy ones,its got to be worth it to see an old ex RCT trog attempt to kill himself on the P company 10 mile course
  3. By the way, I think you're insane. But there you go takes all sorts. :wink:

    Check your PM.
  4. Thanks mate,it doesn't seem a very popular event I wonder why?
  5. Myself and Im_bored are doing it for Help for Heroes. The pestering for monies will commence soon.
  6. Same detail - Doing it for H4H, and also as part of a trainng plan.... more to follow!
  7. I've raised over £200.00 so far, half to H4H and half to airborne forces only fair I think as they have organized it all
  8. I was hoping anyone who has done this event before or has experience of the training area could tell me what the terrain is like?

    I am training for a half-marathon in October and was considering incorporating the Para10 race into my build up. However, I am concerned about fitness levels. Running ten miles on road is one thing but running the PPS route is another!

    My ten mile road time is around the one hour fifty mark (embarrassingly slow I know) do you thing I am ready to try this run?

    Any responses greatly appreciated.
  9. You should be ok with that mate, the biggest change is the step up to boots and bergan. There's a 3 hour cut off on the race itself so that's definately do-able. I'm hoping for a sub 2hr (my 1/2 marathon time's 1hr 50). But I think the 1 hr 50 is a tall order (for me at least). :D
  10. I have just done 5 mile in 57.30 mins in boots and with me sack of dog food on my back so I am quite pleased with that.
  11. Anyone have a link?
  12. You slow hat! Make life easier for yourself by eating the dog food as you go round the course.

    100quid on completion and a couple of shiny photos of the event on this thread.

    Good luck.

  13. Really? Wait until you tip up and see how many take part.
  14. Thanks Dread,I am 52 feckin years old and dropping to bits so I didn't think that was too bad,Biscuits are you turning up? or aren't you fit enough.