Para Wings Course

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Lt_Gen_Me, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    Can any Army Officers apply to do the Parachute course to enable them to get their wings? Mainly, what about RAF Officers - do they just apply, and to teh Army or RAF?

  2. I don't believe for one moment you have the slightest idea what you're talking about.
  3. Doesnt a day go by without there being a "para wings" or "p company" thread appearing?

    Just buy some off e bay and someone on here will stitch them on for you in an appropriate fashion
  4. What fcuking language was that 'Sir'?
  5. been on this site for a few days and ive never ever seen such bone questions and pathetic walts talking dog sh it in my life. even had blokes never done a days service in their lives telling others what to expect if they join . o lordy .
  6. WHAT!!!

    Get a lif Pal.
  7. Lt Gen Me,

    You are clearly an idiot witha bit of a napoleon complex.

    Be a good fellow and stop wasting our time.
  8. Are you actually in the Army? Ive just read through youre other posts, what a load of tripe!
    Are you an Airsoft walt who is testing the water about what badges he can wear, medals he can have and how to throw a Army stylee dinner party for your waltish chums?
  9. Now that`s just rude. Having served in 49 para, the spetnaz, the French Foreign Legion and Tito`s partisans, I resent being lumped in with and labelled a pathetic walt. Now excuse me, i have a pressing matter of a revolt amongst the tribes in the NWFP to deal with once the cricket match has finished.
  10. Fcuking kill yourself you boring cnut.
  11. Pay no attention to the nasty men. There's no course any more. Just ebay parachuting wings and spunk your pocket money away on as many as you can get.

    Like this idiot:


    Methinks you'll find the commissioning bit a little harder.
  12. ouch. you hurt my feelings.
  13. I'm hoping you will hurt your neck with a chainsaw.

    You boring cunt.
  14. well I can`t promise anything but I`ll let you know.
  15. Why - so you think you can just do the course and strut around with wings on trying to impress people - W@nker..