Para wings but not done P-Coy?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bagster, May 27, 2010.

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  1. Hiya fellas....
    Now I'm not casting aspertions on anyone here, as I genuinely don't know what the score is, but there is someone in our mess, Royal Sigs, who has Para wings on his mess kit, and is not attached to an Airborne Unit or anything. I always thought that you had to have done P-Coy to wear wings, although I shall happily stand corrected. I asked him when he did P-Coy and he told me that he hadn't done it, but was jumps qualified. Again, I thought that you did P-Coy before doing jumps, but again, not having done either, I shall happily defer to those on here who have. So, can you wear wings without having done P-Coy?
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  3. is he a cadt instrt ? if so, owts possible.............................
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  4. Yes, quite a few people have their wings with out passing P-Coy, they may have gone down the AACC or need them due to posting ie op tours with blades, EOD the list is not exhaustive. PM me if you want regards JJ
  5. Who really cares? It's a badge. He won't get Para pay if he's not qualified and to be honest that's what counts.
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  6. Yes you do.

    There used to be a parachute "light bulb" badge for non AB unit personnel a few years back, which is totally different.

    Some units such as Marines don't have to do P-Coy as they do an arduous selection process.

    Not sure what RAF Regt do.
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  7. As far as I can remember ...and it was some time ago... but

    R. Sigs did have PARA, SAS and COMMANDO units...... squadrons..... you could serve with these units and wear wings with PARA/SAS .. Dagger with Commando unit... with the associated beret...........

    When you returned to a regular sigs unit, you revereted back to a navy blue beret... but you could keep you wings / dagger on your arm... as it was a qualification........

    we had guys with both para wings and daggers .. that had served in Para/commando units ....

    As I say was a long time ago so dont know if things have changed that much..
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  8. Still the same.
  9. Yes but to wear the wings you had to do a selection.

    216 Sigs would have had to do P-Coy
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  10. on my selection for my wings, i was so miffed when i found out kfc had run out of bbq sauce !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff:
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    I'm sure one of the airborne brethren will correct me if I'm wrong but the wings are for those who are Para qualified and have served in an airborne unit. The 'lightbulb' is for those who are para qualified but have not served in an airborne unit.

    Normally to before you are allowed to be para trained you must do P-Coy or the Commando Course or SF selection however as pointed out above there are one or two people who have been allowed to do the para course because of their other specialist quals such as EOD or because they do something in support of SF types.

    Lightbulb wearers would normally have done P-Coy. The only time I've ever seen one is on a Sandhurst Cadet who had done P-Coy and the jumps course whilst at Sandhurst.
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