Para Wings - A Question

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dogfondler, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. I visited an Armed Forces Careers Office recently with Junior DF who has expressed an interest in joining up. He is interested in the RAF Regiment (I know - please bear with me!) or the Parachute Regiment.

    After a brief chat with a WRAF officer who looked young enough to be my daughter it became clear that I knew more about her subject than she did. Not to worry, we got some lovely shiny brochures.

    Then we spoke to a Sgt from a Guards regt. who 'bigged' himself up and slouched throughout our chat. When discussing Para reg. he claimed to have been a member of Guards Parachute Company. When I asked him where his wings were he replied that he had compressed his spine during a jump and consequently had his book taken off him.

    My first question is this: If one has qualified as a military parachutist, are the wings not worn inperpetuity? And only taken from one if one refuses to jump?

    My second question is this: Is this Sgt a big-timing walting tw@t?
  2. You wear your wings for life, it is up to you if you don't look the part (getting fat etc). big timing it I feel!
  3. I thought the Guards Independant Parachute Company was disbanded in the 70s. Was he dead old?.
  4. Guards still can do the course and then be 'attached' under the guise of 'Guards Para'..
  5. you keep them for life in the reme,don,t know about other arms,i,m sure the guards para company was mothballed years ago! :roll:
  6. Guards Independent Para Platoon is part of 3 Para and is made up of members from each of the House Div Regiments.
  7. The book of tall guards - was he about 2'6" with really fat legs?
  8. I thought that if you were not up to date with your jumps you shouldn't technically be wearing the wings but very few people actually take them off. I was told that by a bloke who hadn't jumped in years but he was still wearing them when he told the story.
  9. Sounds like he might be bigging himself up to get punters to sign on the dotted line - but then again that is his job!
  10. More to the point, was she fit????? :lol:
  11. I always thought you kept the wings, but didn't get jump money.
  12. Once you have earned your wings, they are yours for life!

    I have never known anyone to have them or the "book" withdrawn. For "book" read bluffer!

    Guards Independent Company, which was in fact the Bde Pathfinder Pl was disbanded in 1976........32 years ago, that would make your Guards Sgt, 50 if he was a day!

    The Guards in the Regt today, do not have their own Platoon.

    So the answer to your question is quite simple......This person is a fcuking Liar!
  13. GUARDS PARA are here with 3 Para. As for wearing wings, technically if you have not served in the airborne Brigade you shouoldn't wear the wings, only the 'bulb'. Once you have your wings, you don't have to remove them unless they are 'them' wings and you were RTU'd (wear normal wings).
  14. Saw plenty of fat feckers with wings up during my time, they would have needed to be put on a wedge or in a doorbundle to get them to jump the cnuts. As for the Woodentop...........sounds like he's waffling a bit, even with an injury he'd still wear the BBC as everyone knows its a babe magnet :wink:
  15. Once you've earned your wings, they stay, no matter what.

    And the same applies to 'them' wings, although you'll rarely seen them worn by either ex or serving, except in certain orders of dress.

    The Sgt sounds very much like he is telling porkies, which is very naughty particularly given his appointment. Dogfondler, since you are clearly an 'informed customer', perhaps a quiet word with the OC of the AFCO might be on order?