Para who saved kids deserves tribute too

spike7451 said:
From the Sunday Life-

It's been 35 years since the death of Sergeant Michael Willets.

I doubt that the name means much to many Sunday Life readers and it would have meant little to me, but for a chance encounter on New Year's Eve 2000......

For once a journo who's making sense.
...and well written piece too. Tx Spike for this reminder.
Sir Ronnie Flanagan was serving there at the time as a young Constable and he often mentioned this sad incident in speeches etc.

RIP Sarge, and you have not been forgotten by the RUC.
That is a story to truly make me feel humble. Rest easy sarnt Willets, you've done yours.
This inspired me at the time and was a contributing factor my decision to enlist. Fortunatly Springfield road (etc) had bombproof glass fitted by the time I got there...
I read a book called Phoenix. The person who the book is about Ian Phoenix.
It mentions about a brief case in Springfield road and he seen the Para jump in front of the kids.
Just listened to the song for the first time....

I remember when this happened, My dad had just recently come back from Londonderry with 2 Queens, I remember the song which I believe (although I may be wrong) was sung by a pro-IRA band and was kind of taboo, (at the age of six the lyrics did leave a big impression, but not as much as my Dad's explanation of what Mick willets did that day), my dad borrowed the record from somebody on the patch at Werl.

I also remember being at cub scouts and having the flag lowered to half mast, but this occured a couple of times whilst we were at Werl so Mick willets may not have necessarily been one of those occasions.

I also had a troop Sgt in the RE's who had served with 3 para at the time although he wasnt in Sgt willets Company.

I have never forgotten the story of Sgt M Willets GC, and there has not been enough done to honour him so that the people of this country dont forget the selflessness of some of our troops over the years

This man was a hero of the highest order.
I think it was sung by a guy called Harvey Andrews who performed it live at the Round House in Hohne in 1973, banned by the beeb as I recall, still have it on a 45 in the attic somewhere.
It was certainly an anthem for us in those grim far off days, although it has to be said it's got a lot grimmer in the last thirty years or so.

RIP Sarge.
Alan McBride, Sunday Life 17 Sep 06:

Republicans seem to have a talent for erecting memorials to their own fallen heroes at the drop of a hat.

So let's see them back their "equality" rhetoric with some actions and erect a memorial on the Springfield Road to celebrate the courage of the British soldier who laid down his life for two Irish children.

Aye, well. Irish republican 'heroes' are more usually people who kill for the sake of column inches in the newspapers next day, and for hatred of the individual's nationality and culture. A man who sacrifices himself for the lives of others is of an alien breed to them. Interesting idea, though; perhaps McGuinness can be persuaded to launch an appeal by his parliamentary constituents.
If I remember rightly when I joined up this song was doing the rounds and we were told it was banned, maybe someone else remembers this being the case.

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