Discussion in 'Officers' started by hamster_man, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Some advice please. I have discovered that a certain individual might be wearing para wings without having passed P Coy. It would appear he has been doing it for years - decades even.

    I think I know the answer to this, but is there anyway someone can wear them without having completed P Coy or having done an op jump?

    Also how can I confirm said individual is a walt? Anyone who knows how I can check or can check for me - it would be helpful as I would like to expose said individual for the lowdown chap that he is. :x

    Help please!
  2. You do not get your wings just from an Operational jump!! If he has done AACC or an approptiate SF course he can wear them once having been to No 1 at Brize.
  3. is he serving in a non-para role?
  4. It is possible to have Parachute wings without having done P Company, however he would of had to have completed the basic parachute course at Brize Norton. See your Regimental admin Officer or someone who has the authority, tell him your concerns and get him to check his pampas details. If he's done the course it will be logged.
  5. No AACC not special forces. I will raise with appropriate authorities - should be interesting.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Agreed - also, PCAU at Brize Norton hold records going back some way, but random calls from individuals will probably not be welcomed. Get your Chief Clk or SPSI on to it.
  7. Actually, to raise the op jump thing again... you can sport them if even if you haven't completed the BPC - back in the dark ages the duty ATO at 11 Ord Bn (as it was then) was somwhat surprised to be hoyed out of the back door of a C130, in the company of some suitable minders, en route to a suspected IED on board the QE2 - at that time well out to sea. His reward for the experience was a set of wings...... and the ability to dine out on the experience for years.
  8. Pass at PCoy would be on UNICOM also wouldnt it? If not speak to PCoy Chief Clk and ask if they have records. Had a soldier who claimed to have been Para Reg, spoke to RHQ Para Reg and they have records and guess what, poor chap didn't do Pcoy, serve with Para Reg or do jumps course.

    I am surprised how many people (officers seem to like it quite a bit) who go for a bit of para wings walting, how do they think they wont get captured??
  9. I could be wrong however I was led to believe that to wear your wings you had firstly if serving with an airborne unit ,pass P company ,qualify at PTS and then be attached to an airborne unit .
    If you did all the courses but did not get attached then you would wear the light bulb wings.

  10. It's not just P Company that you can earn your wings, for example AACC, Probation for 264 Sigs any other SF course!
  11. That is the norm these days but it hasn't always been like that. If you were given the light bulb would you wear it or swap it for parachute wings?
  12. Fcuk ups do happen with the paperwork fairly frequently though, so be careful when outing a walt. If convinced he is a walt, and the system has no record of him being qualified then have the RAO or Adj ask to see his wings certificate or proof of qualification. He should have these, or be able to get people who have jumped with him to vouch for him.

    Why am I recommending a cautious approach? Because when I was was posted between regiments all my records were lost. Upon arriving at my new regiment I had a particularly obnoxious CO and an incompetent Adjutant. They looked on Unicom (come on Fallschirmjager, PAMPAS must have been withdrawn when you were a lance jack, or is that a reflection on your admin office? :)) and could find no record. It was only by me producing my annual reports from years back (that mentioned I had been on, and passed P Coy and BPC), my little certificate (maroon and sky blue) stating that I was entitled to wear my wings, as well as loads of photos of me kitted up and chundering up my ring in a Herc, etc, etc that shut them up.
  13. Rickshaw - the water descent was considered by No 1 PTS to be the 'safest' hence every CO's PA found herself in the company of local civvie dignitaries doing a few hours ground training and then being cast into Studland Bay. Hence when the duty ATO found himself donning a wet suit amongst other items for that task it wasn't considered a big deal, well the para aspect of it anyway. It was a single door exit for that particular stick of 5 as I can recall, port door to be specific.

    Fallschirmjager - Depending on the age of this officer, he may well have attended an 'Edward Bear' course whilst at Sandhurst. This course would have given him a BPC less the night descent. During the '70's there were loads of Sandhurst staff para trained via this route.
  14. Accordoing to an old DCI it was completion of AACC, Camp 1, Aptitude or P Coy that qualified you to do the jumps course and wear wings.
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    That is correct, and the course reports from PCAU state Pte Bloggs is authorised parachute badge (with wings) or Pte Jones to wear parachute badge (without wings). The difference is whether the soldier is on strength of a para roled unit/in a para roled LSN or qualified by selection course but not in role.

    As Fallschirmjager says though, find someone who is authorised to wear the lightbulb and does and I will show you an honest politician!