Para training

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by very-old-git, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Last night at about 18.30 hrs on the M40 near Weston on the Green -sunny, balmy evening, a Herc at about 800ft, said to Mrs VOG - 'beautiful sight that'. Then it got better, ten chutes just erupted and floated in the summers air. However, I thought we had stopped jump training because we had to pay for RN's new carriers or have I got it wrong ?
  2. Done to death and back again.
  3. You've got it wrong.

    Parachute training continues albeit fewer courses are being run due to the demands on the airframes elsewhere on operations and these courses will be oversubscribed to ensure maximum attendance on them (i.e. travelling reserves to replace last minute drop-outs). Similarly, as has been pointed out before, if you don't have a need to do the basic parachute course (i.e. your job doesn't require it), it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to blag a place on the course as a jolly.
  4. No you're correct,no more jump training,and the Parachute Regiment is being disbanded,with it's members being retrained as social workers.
  5. I heard that all the proper infantry Regiments are being re-created as single battalion Regiments to improve local recruiting and retention. In order to offset this, the Paras are being disbanded and the Guards will be reduced to one Battalion with a company of each flavour.
  6. Last thing I had heard from my brtoher was the paras were being dissolved into the AGC and RLC
  7. From one perspective - I think that could do this land a whole pile of good..!