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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. OK .... so after my previous post re. getting some jumps in as a sig. I've decided to do the decent thing and transfer to airborne.

    This wasn't an easy decision as people that know me will confirm, but I thought I'd give it a go......

    What I'm after is quality advice. I know there's gonna be a lot of pee taking, so get that out of tha way first, but I'd like people to let me know what doing P-coy is actually like.....

    I'm reasonably fit i.e. I don't struggle on 8-10 mile CFT's in regulation times, but my upper body strength is poor.

    Anyway have an all-arms timetable of events? I know my new unit will take me through everything before hand, but I really want to be as prepared as possible.


  2. Leaving the marvellous 70sq?

    I have no idea about P-Coy pre-selection training but I've got a book with a training regime that's somewhat similar - and a Royal Marines PRMC booklet (I'll photocopy both and send them to you if you like).

    All I know is - you have to be agile, expect to be doing your 2.4km run in under 9mins 30secs.
  3. Yep.... done my time.. Wasn't easy!!!!

    I've you have anything useful, that would be cool. Could u forward it to your friendly recruiter to pass on.....

    Good luck with CMSR... not that u geed it.
  4. Well done that man !

    Who are you transfering too ?

    I did P Coy a couple of years ago so PM me if you wish
  5. Well done that man !

    Who are you transfering too ?

    I did P Coy a couple of years ago so PM me if you wish[/quote]

    I'm moving to 266 (Para) Battery...

    Any help would be great. Did you do the week long course?
  6. 307

    307 War Hero

    Oh no 266! That means you're joining my reg, 266 are good at their airborne side and general soldiering but their gunnery lets them down. You could have the chance to do all arms mammando soon to. Good luck anyway mate, they will get you up to speed and won't let you do P-Coy if they don't think there's a very good chance you'll pass. They have good PSIs over their, you're joining a good regiment.
  7. If I recall correctly didn't 266 have the top gun on Camp last year (2004) ??????

    Anyway the truth will out at the NIA this month.
  9. 307

    307 War Hero

    The queens cup I take it you're referring to...the truth is already out since 307bty. is leading the regimental team. I'm not saying they're crap, they're not, 201 are the real clangers, can't wait for them to get converetd to an airobrne unit, should be funny. It just seems that 307 is the most dedicated to what their job actually is, gunnery. 266 are a little para pissed, and 201, god only knows what they get up to. Good luck with 266 mate, and I shall be seeing you around I guess. Some good stuff in the pipe for next year for the reg apparently.
  10. Yep, fair one. I think most people walk through the gates of 266 because they see the opportunity to get wings up, the Gunnery was never the main pull. Having said that there are some rock solid gunnery/airborne SNCO and PSI's, we just need to get a load of the young blood (and there's a load of them) through basic guns to fill the trade gulf that currently exists.
  11. 307

    307 War Hero

    Oh I know there are some mega seniors there, there are some good lads in every unit and nobbers in every unit. I think you'e right about the wings issue, but someone needs to get a bit of a grip and realise that gunnery's what it's all about. In my opinion getting them through P-Coy should come after basic guns course. Which can be taught in house on drill nights and the weekends in about a month easily. Because as was seen on Telic, 7 didn't need Parachutists it needed gun numbers. For me it's that simple, but I take it you're 266 so you know you're units internal politics. I think the whole regiment's had a crap year for getting the lads on the courses to further their careers, but it seems for us to be getting back on track for now at least thanks to a certain few people who have taken it by the horns and gripped people about it. I think the regiment needs to start doing a lot more together to, to help cooperation, we can elarn from each other and if we are going on Herrick the lads need to be used to working with each other, that's my humble opinion anyways.
  12. Bibo,

    Check your PMs, mate.
  13. dumb question, but what does the TA P coy involve in comparison to the reg P Coy?
  14. not much, I believe regs have 2 weeks beat up then test week, when you do the events. Our beat up is done at unit over a number of weekends, then you hook up with the regs on test week. Think we get 10 mins longer on the 10 miler, which is just pony but there you go we don't make the rules.
  15. I know Ill find out in time, but does anyone have any exact details on events/timings these days?