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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JWB_89, Mar 13, 2010.

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  1. I am awaiting my Training date for the REME and was just wondering once i had completed my training, would i be able to do All Arms P-Coy and train with the Parachute Regiment?

    any help/info would be appreciated.

  2. Join the Para's and not the REME then.
  3. I would like a trade, hence joining the REME, or i would join the Para's but i would prefer the best of both as i know it is possible for the Royal Engineers to Specialise in Para or Commando Training and was hoping someone knew whether it is possible for members of the REME to do the same, and before its said i am joining as an Avionics Technician a trade not found in the Royal Engineers therefore i cant go that route.
  4. At Wattisham Airfield there is 7 Bn REME, which have an Airborne Coy.
  5. thank you, some feedback i can work with :D
  6. I had REME on both P Coy and the Cdo course. Lucky too as you need someone with more than 4 brain cells to fix things for knuckle draggers like me. They seemed to do quite well despite the 'footborne' aspects of the job, although most could have done with an extra ration of character and a sense of humour. :D
  7. Brilliant, and im sure your not a knuckle dragger and are good at what you do, thank you for your help, least i know my career is going in the right direction and i think i have enough character and a sense of humour to get through it all :)
  8. An outrageously misleading post.

    8 CS Coy is "part" of 7 Bn, but is based at Colchester - not Wattisham, like the rest of the Bn. There are no avionic tech posts in 8 CS. The HQ element at 7 Bn wear the maroon beret, but hardly any have done (or even attempted) the course.

    As an avionic tech, if you are posted within 16 AABde, it is still possible to do P Coy and also get your jumps course in, outside of the brigade then forget it.
  9. Thanks for clarifying that :) so in short if i want the best of both worlds i need to be posted to 16 AABde and anything less would not allow me to do P Coy.

    Next Question; are you given a list of options of where you could like to be posted? would i be able to chose to go to 16 AABde or is it just where they stick me?
  10. Rule #1: Pass P Coy first, you idle Crow

    Rule #2: Get fit as f*ck so you do not transgress rule #1

    Until then forget all career plans associated with the Reg or Airborne Forces... seen?

    Whew, all worn out now. Must... find.. cupochai
  11. Remember to take your own roll mat.
  12. And a dictionary.
  13. Politely decline any invite to a bonding session with 3 PARA Mortars