Para training near water hazards?


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Does anyone have recent experience of organising and conducting parachute training near water hazards? If so, any advice or information you have would be greatly appreciated. And please don't suggest asking X, Y or Z from within my unit: I have been tasked with becoming the in-house subject matter expert. 8O

I have done some ground work already, but have found that many of the relevant standing orders etc seem to contradict each other. I have also found that quals for Water Safety Boat Ops etc don't appear to provide the necessary training to use powerboats on open water, as I will require. In any case Para Recovery from Water is not taught on the syllabus. :evil:

I know I need to have another meeting with my local Water Safetymanship Officer to get his thoughts, but I would like to go prepared.

I would be ecstatic to hear from anyone with any advice!
Eh? Well the RAF have no quams about organising it near electricity pylons and motor ways. Your best bet would be to Phone PCAU Brize Norton on 01993897395 and ask them.
Not sure if its civvi or mil parachuting youve been jiffed with?

Try safety in water docs below

JSP 375 leaflet 1 or 11

AGAI vol 1 chap 18

A phone call to TAIT formeley LAIT at Land will give you a black and white answer.

May also be worth talking to JSPC (B) they have had to fish a few jumpers out of the drink!!

There should also be RAFLO at Bde although he wont have a clue and wrap u in mine tape after shaking his head to deter any further enthusiasam!
Watersafety nonesense man, just do what a certain CO of a Para Bn did, DZ Barry Buddoness and the Alpha was 1 km out in the North sea. Just remember your water drills. :?

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