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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Clarkson510, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. Im due to under go P coy, but coming from the Black Mafia (RTR), im not too sure whether i am allowed to wear the maroon beret. Seeing as the Black beret is supposedly "coveted" amongst other regts, and the fact i have never seen another member of the RTR wear maroon, i just wanted to clear a myth or uncover a fact.
    Maybe not at RD but on a detatched posting?

  2. 'Black beret' coveted? 'Black Mafia'? Do you make this shite up yourself, you ******* tube?
  3. Oh Dear!!! the Black Mafia was the KRRC/Rifle Brigade long before the RTR adopted the title............
    They 'ran' Cairo in WW2.
  4. RTR Black Mafia? I am sure that was 3RGJ when I was in the mob?
  5. I beleive you can only wear the maroon beret when serving with a Para unit, you will notice that those that are not para trained with those units, 23PFA, 9RE still wear it before they even qualify. They key i think is if you get the pay - no pay, no beeret, the wings you can wear at any time becuuase they are a qualification.

    Black berets - dirty fools!
  6. True, 3RGJ spawned from the KRRC and RB.
    (My first issued badge, black Bakelite)
    3rd.Hussars wore the maroon beret when they were Recce Reg,. attached 6th.Airborne in Palestine 46-48.

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  7. There was a TV documentary back in the 70's about the "Black Mafia" it was about preparing the RGJ for their first tour of public duties in London District i do recall,we had to send a drill sergeant down to teach them heavy drill in preparation i do believe !
  8. "Back in the 70's" ? I was talking "Back in the 40's".
  9. You sir are a lot older than i then B-)
  10. They need them in Cairo now ?
  11. My mistake. I seemed to have caused an up roar with the Black Mafia comment. I suppose I should only use that one in house.
  12. It was the RGJ in its entirety. A nickname gained on account of how many 'black buttoned' Officers made it up the ladder to the higher echelons. Any association to one of 2 RGJ's Rifle Coys being devoid of any honkeys, is purely speculation and the ubiquitous squaddie 'tall storying'...blood.
  13. Yes, and whilst you are in the company of your fellow boiler suit wearing manky *******. Nobody refers, nor have they ever referred, to the RTR as the 'Black Mafia', so stop trying to big yourself up.
  14. Top stuff! Thanks for history lesson Busicuits! A bit sad, but I do enjoy hearing the history stories of these old and bold regiments.
  15. Clarkson. Good luck on P Coy anyway. As for head gear Black is very Goth and in vogue.