Para trained or not?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mag_to_grid, Oct 6, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to finding out if someone is entitled to wear wings or not?

    This guys story as to how he obtained his wings seems a little bit unconventional
  2. Whats his story?
  3. Sounds like a warning order for the Waltenkommando
  4. Try PCAU at RAF Brize Norton.


    1. Ask him where and of what style the accommodation was at Brize. Answer - wriggly tin huts by the dog compound at the back of the camp.

    2. If he's 'old(er) school' (i.e. used the PX4 parachute) ask him to show you an apex tie of his. Answer - this is not neckwear but was the final attachment on the parachute and is purpose built for use as an attachment to keys, etc.

    3. If he's newer school (i.e. LLP) then ask him where he puts the parachute after he's landed. Answer - in a stowage bag attached to the outside of the back of the harness.

    I'm sure you'll get plenty of other suggestions as this is often asked.
  5. Somehow I suspect this question may have just lost its efficacy!
  6. Fair one! However, there's plenty more detail someone who's been there could add and which could be easily verified.
  7. He hasnt passed any of the normal pre-para courses and was sent on his jumps course in an unconventional way too. Nothing in his p file either. Time to give Brize a ring I think.
  8. There are exceptions to a lot of rules.
  9. Yeah granted, fair enough if he is legit. A few of the guys smell a rat though.
  10. Takes some balls to cuff it and bluff it nowadays. Maybe he was 49?
  11. I reckon this bloke would probably say that he was if asked! We would have been more conviced if he said he was 49 than what he has told us up to now!
  12. Paid to do the (iirc) Belgium jumps civvy course now where's the wings? Or there was a thread a while ago where someone mentioned that some specialised medical personell do the course minus p-coy, though to be fair if he isn't getting paid extra for it then he's missed the real reason to have said qualification anyway.
  13. Not to look lush and be able to give it big time charlie bananas, that's why I did it.

    Dutch course I believe for the Military jumps

    Courses - Paracentrum Texel