Para trainasium

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lolwut237, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi - first post.

    Just curious about whether or not many people have died or been seriously injured on the trainasium in P coy? I was watching this video:

    After watching it and seeing the trainasium, i am more glad than ever I chose to apply for the marines (start training 8th feb) instead of the paras - the tarzan looks bad enough to me - but my arrsehole puckers just at the thought of the trainasium.
  2. WAH!

    or worse,

  3. In my ignorance - I fail to understand the meanings of these words 'WAH' and 'JOURNO' - care to enlighten me?
  4. ok, fcuk off!
  5. Wah or not, thats the exact same assault course at Catterick that we just did on our CIC a couple of weeks back (excluding the two wire crawl bit). Piece of p!ss!
  6. So the Royal Marines will soon realise your a cnut to!
  7. Christ, one heck of a warm welcome. By the way, Mr vvaannmmaann - you have a very nice arrse.
  8. Can someone tell me what 'wah' means?
  9. Yes, I can.
  10. Very kind of you.
  11. Don't mention it.
  12. I think he means, WILL someone please tell me what wah means.
  13. Spot Bollock good sir!
  14. Well he should have fucking said so then, I'm not a mind reader.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.