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Was on the Hqni site and was confused by the table of regimental tours. It has down that 2 Para did a tour in N Ireland from sept 1977 to jan 1978. Yet there is no refernce to it in the British army in Northern Ireland book and the appendice of tours.
I was wondering which one is Correct?
hope this helps, I dont know about them dates but 2 Para took over from our Batt 2LI in the summer of 79 Ballykinler for 18months.

It was very sad mate when that happened, it could have happend to our lads, I suppose there was only so many ways to go back to Ballykinler and keep changing the routes, I believe some of the lads were ass/pnrs, what I can remember we never used that route to come and go back to Bally, but we did patrols vcp's on it, as well as supporting the Ruc in Warrenpoint on occasions.

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