Para TA recruitment: any idea of what is involved?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ChrisV, Aug 22, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know what the recruit/transfere process is like for the Para TA? How do the roles/standards differe from the normal infantry? How do the officers in the Para TA normally get to their positions?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Join 3 Para Mtr Trp.

    You'll love it
  3. Clearly its true what they say:-

    "You can take the matelot out of the Andrew, but you cant take Andrew out of the matelot!" :wink:
  4. They jump out of perfectly serviceable aircraft, and then tab.

    Hope this helps
  5. Milling and/or logs may or may not havesomething to do with it.
  6. 80
  7. Other than tabbing a lot, what else is involved? I heard the training is far more up to the standard of the Regs. I also heard that the training differs from normal infantry as the emphasis is far more on being self sufficient for far longer.
  8. You jump out of a plane. Hit the ground then are an infantryman, albeit one with several years of latent aggression beaten into you.

    Their training as I understand it emphasises fitness, tabbing and carrying heavy stuff.

    You may of course be required to suck the Pl Sgts c*ck on a daily basis, therein lies one of the differences between the Paras and other 'line' inf regts, where it is only required monthly.
  9. yes, they jump out of planes, I say jump, its more of a shuffle and fall.
  10. 1. Ask your PSAO to do the docs.
    2. Fitness, ability to put up with all sorts of nonsense, fitness, slightly psycho, fitnerss, blatant disregard for personal wellbeing, and fitness
    3. Stick their heads a little too far over the parapet or more seriously:
    (a) Standard commissioning from the ranks
    (b) Transfer in from another regiment having been commissioned
    (c) Direct entry scheme (TAPOC and the like)
    P.S. Did I mention fitness?
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    As per GIATT,

    PSAO is the man for the transfer. Recruit training, assuming not already a trained infantry soldier is 8 weekends of basic infantry syllabus, but with greater emphasis on physical training and fieldcraft. Builds up to 10 miler on weekend 7 which is pass or fail criteria to attend Para Coy at Catterick. Then a joyous 2 weeks there for CIC and P Coy. Success is rewarded (?) by 2 weeks at RAF Brize Norton for Basic Para Course (TA).

    As to standards, the sensible non biased side of me says that all infantry units have good and bad soldiers, Para Reg included. The ability to select does mean that there is potential to shift the basic quality marker slightly. Fitness will always be critical, as is the willingness to spend a lot of time being messed about by the RAF. Biased side of me says that it is mega in the Paras!!!!

    If you want to be an officer, you can transfer with a commission and attempt P Coy wearing a white T shirt (always a pleasure) or become a trained soldier first, interview with you OC then starts usual commissioning process as per the rest of the army.

    Pm if you want any details, or look at the website.