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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Yorkshire_Warrior, Jan 21, 2008.

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    Supose I knew of this person who was, what you para regt guys call a "hat", not done p coy, jumps course or ever served with 16AA.

    Anyway he thinks its well ally to cut about in a para smock.

    Would this class him as a big timing walt?

    As I said this is not about myself, but I would like to see what You Para Regt guys think about, I have a good idea.

  2. Not unless he says/thinks he is a para etc windproof is better its got a hood ffs!
  3. Im of the opinion that if you aint completed P coy/Pre para then a smock is A no-no.To me it is a sign of achievment.Would your pal cut around in a sniper smock without getting badged?
  4. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    As the former owner of an SAS smock, I in no way considered myself to be one of THEM, just as ownership of American desert boots does not mark me out as a wannabe septic. If he makes false claims then its different, but are you claiming only to wear issued kit?
  5. Speaking as an RAC soldier (apologies for butting in!), I do own a para smock, and I have never been a part of 16AA Bde, or PARA. The reason I wear one is the fact that it is suited well to working on armoured vehicles, in my opinion.
    I am well aware this is not what it was designed for, but hear me out. The material is hardwearing, moreso than on a 95 patt smock, and less likely to jag and tear should it catch in the turret. The use of poppers as opposed to regular buttons means there is a far less chance of catching the smock buttons on a cold wet cam net whilst setting up in a hide, saving time and reducing the risk of being dragged from the top of the wagon when someone gives the net a yank during the night. Yes, there are sew on buttons, but I removed the three from the collar and the pocket completely from the left sleeve, as well as cutting the crotch flap off- A challenger 2 isn't so high as to need one should you jump...

    As for the para "exclusivity", I have never alluded to have been badged airborne, and the only badges sewn on are Union Jack, Bde flash, TRF, rank and nametape, clearly marking for all to see as a member of an RAC regiment. I don't see myself as bigging it up or walting, simply making myself comfortable.
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'd be interested to hear what a few Paras say, but I don't really think its walting. Although I've always avoided them myself.

    I must admit I have a sniper smock, I use it on shooting competitions and range days because its got padded elbows and adds to the general BuggerAll comfort factor whilst in the prone. Plenty of built in padding around the middle - stable platform for shooting!. I had not thought it might be considered walty. Such a touchy subject.

    Does your friend pull his beret down at the front, have his badge over his left ear and saunter around in dodgy old tropicals even though he has never been to the tropics? If so maybe he is walting.
  7. I think it's walting.

    I unfortunately got injured on the pre Para beat up and get a bit of shit for it in my current unit.

    Rather unsurprisingly some of the piss takers are always cutting about in Para smocks and helmets, having been no where near an Airborne unit in their lives.

    The only non Airborne person I know that has earned it was a mate who scored sufficient points on P Coy to pass but had to leave after the milling due to family problems. They gave him the smock because technically he earned the points.
  8. Don't know if it's still relevant today, as I left 11 years ago, but on exercise and ops in the 80s and 90s we wore Norwegian army shirts because they were comforatable and warm. These were non-issue and bought from PRI, Silvermans, etc. As far as I know, none of us had served in the Norwegian army - and nobody pretended they had. (I believe the same shirts are now standard issue?)

    As previously stated, the smock has a hood - and is more comfortable and harder-wearing than the standard combat jacket. As long as he's not claiming to be something he's not, and his unit allows the wearing of the smock, then there's no problem.
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    In fact I have to confess I had a Denison smock when I was a Cadet. It was given to me by the CO of 7 RHA who was a neighbour. I did feel slightly walty wearing it because it was definitely a Para thing, but then again it would have been a bit rude to have said 'thanks Sir, but I don't really think its me'.

    I stopped wearing it when I joined the TA and got issued with DPM kit. Unfortunately it got lost when I moved to HK in 1983 which is a pity because it would probably be worth a few bob on walt-bay.
  10. So what about all the Air Despatchers,who over the years wore first a Dennison Smock,and then the Dpm Para Smock,as issued to all active Air Despatchers???????????????????
  11. 307

    307 War Hero

    I very much regard it as a sign of achievment myself, in actuality, it is quite a crap smock for the field and that,I agree a windproof is better, it is a status symbol as far a I care, as much as aroon, wings, and a p lid.
  12. Having heard all the pathetic excuses for wearing a Para Smock, ie it's comfortable, it is hard wearing etc, etc, I ask you this.
    If it's issued to Airborne Units and it's not issued to Hat units, doesn't that tell you something?
    Smocks are for members of Airborne Forces.
    They are Not issued to Other units.
    So if you're called names like Walter/wannabe etc etc, then you deserve it.
  13. Agreed.

    It states "Smock Parachutist" on the label not "Smock Fat Harold".
  14. When I did a course of instruction at Depot Para when J Div Sch of Inf was there, it was made clear that all fcuking hats wearing para/sas smocks would be in deep deep shit with the Depot RSM.

    Wearing an arctic smock, boots ski march complete with rolled over white socks just made him point and laff!!!

    Lucky it was December and we were 'breaking in our boots' before going to Norway or I would have got a shoeing!

    My take on it is, if you ain't or haven't been in an Airborne role, why the fcuk would you want one, unless to pose!
  15. Fair one.

    Cheers for all the input, only confirmed what I thought.

    No way is this guy a mate of mine!

    Argreed its there for para's and they have earnt it, and i'd be as fcuked off if i had grafted for it only to have some other cnut cut about in one.