Para smock

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Purplejimbo 33, Aug 2, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know if there is plans to issue a para smock in MTP
  2. are they still making it in dpm?
  3. IIRC there isn't a need as the current pattern of smock has been approved for parachuting in,though no doubt once the cloth is more freely available some private company will make some.
  4. This question was asked during our IPT presentation on MTP and they answered yes, in time. No date given! They implied it was not top priority!

  5. should just cut around in the dpm one for now, rest of army says one thing para reg says another bosh !!!
    Sadly though i hear rumours of barrack dress rearing it's ugly head, this could kill off the para smock cos it's mostly just worn in camp anyway
  6. Is the para smock better than the old pattern windproof smock for posing round the camp then?

  7. Noooooop not barrack dress trousers I am surprised I fathered any kids after wearing them fuckin things
    better off bringing lightwieghts back for milling around camp
  8. Milling?? Oooh did somebody say "milling"? "Box!"
  9. You could just go and buy one of the oldskool ventile gaberdine arctic smocks off ebay if your interesting in posing, even a para would get a boner
  10. apparentley there is a plan for para smocks in mtp dont know if it will be the same cut now all we need is a helmet we can jump and fight in without people getting a cock stand!